Types of Home Foundations in Iowa

Home Foundations There are many different types of home foundations commonly used in Iowa. It is important to know your foundation because it will allow you to identify potential problems. The sooner you notice a problem with your foundation, the sooner you are able to find an appropriate solution. No matter what type of foundation […]

DIY Foundation Repair in Iowa

Foundation Repair If your foundation starts failing, your home becomes vulnerable to a variety of problems. To prevent these problems, it is necessary to invest in foundation repair services. When it comes to foundation repair, it is not a job for the inexperienced. The professional team at WCI Basement Repair have the necessary skills and […]

Causes of Wet Basements in Iowa

Iowa Wet Basements Does your basement flood after a heavy rainfall? Water is the biggest culprit when it comes to foundation failure. It can destroy everything in its path including your foundation, furniture, carpet, electrical appliances, floor joists, and beams. Your repair lists can quickly grow if the small repairs are not fixed immediately. When […]

Iowa Winters and Your Foundation

Iowa Foundation Repair If you live in Iowa, you know that the winter months bring snow to the Midwest. As the snow starts to melt, it turns into excess water. The soil becomes saturated and water seeps into small cracks in your foundation walls. Overtime, your foundation may settle or shift due to water beneath […]

Foundation Repair, Wet Basement Repair, and Basement Waterproofing Done Right in Iowa

Foundation Repair, Wet Basement Repair, and Basement Waterproofing Done Right in Iowa Do you have a wet basement? Do you have cracks in your basement? At WCI Basement Repair we offer IA foundation repair, wet basement repair, and basement waterproofing services. We can fix your wet basement and straighten your bowing walls. To eliminate your […]

Basement Cracks and Leaks

Basement Cracks and Leaks Next time you step into your basement, look at your basement walls. Look for wall cracks, leaks, and bowing/leaning walls. Why? These signs may indicate future foundation problems in your basement. Fixing these problems right away could save you time and money in the long run. It doesn’t matter the size […]

Keeping your Foundation in Good Shape

Foundation Repair Iowa Your foundation is one of the most essential parts of your home – It holds and supports the entire structure. Because your foundation is such a vital component, it is important to make sure that it is in good shape. Regularly inspecting your foundation for signs of failure is a good way […]

Your Basement Waterproofing Options

Basement Waterproofing IA Any type of basement can be affected by water damage. It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete foundation, block walls or a clay tile foundation. Water can enter through the walls of your basement from improper gutters, downspouts, or a poor drainage system. If water gets inside the basement, it lead […]

Iowa Weather Patterns

Basement Repair Iowa The spring and summer months are the most dangerous for your home’s basement.  The melted snow and ice from winter saturates the soil.  Saturated soil around your foundation and basement walls causes soil expansion and puts stress on your foundation walls. This is called hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure causes walls to bend, […]

Basement Wall Repair Iowa

Basement Wall Repair Iowa If you have foundation cracks in your home, this is an obvious sign that your ground soil is shifting and settling underneath your home’s foundation. It may sink a few inches or a couple of feet. What causes this? The pressure of the ground soil outside your foundation can cause cracks […]