Common Foundation Problems

At WCI Basement Repair, we want to help you keep your home healthy.  We have composed a list of common foundation problems that you may notice in your home, indicating signs of foundation damage. Even if you see these problems, you might not have foundation issues because these signs are common if there is any movement of your home at all. If you suspect serious foundation damage in your home, it’s important to call in the professionals. Foundation damage will only get worse over time and can rack up huge bills for you and your family.Common Foundation Problems in Iowa

What Foundation Problems Do I Need to Look Out For?

Even if you aren’t a trained foundation repair specialist, the signs of foundation damage are relatively easy to spot if you know what to look for. Some of the most common problems include: 

If any of these problems are visible in your home, now is the time to call a professional. Many of these issues start out small at first, so you’ll think that you can brush it off for a while. This is not a good idea. Foundation problems only compound and get worse, especially as your home ages. You want to be sure that the problem is something you don’t have to worry about, not just assume it’s nothing to worry about. 

Choose WCI For Common Foundation Problems

The professionals at WCI Basement Repair have the experience and knowledge to get your foundation restored to its original condition. You can trust that we will treat your home as our own and get your project done on time. We value honesty and transparency in everything we do, so you’ll never find yourself dealing with hidden fees and problems down the road. If these signs look familiar, get one of our trusted team members out to your property to assess the damage. Contact us today to get started and receive your free quote!