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Wall Crack Repair Iowa

Cracked Foundation Wall

Walls cracks happen because they are filled to capacity or because the structure has settled. The vertical and more angled cracks are usually caused by heaving or settlement. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, are more liable to be caused by their lateral weight. We are your wall crack repair in Iowa service provider.

Once you come to an understanding of these foundation cracks it will help you fix your foundation and its cracks. There are many different forms of cracks. Cracks that have .064″ or less usually don’t leak. When the wall cracks are wider on top than on the bottom it means that it was probably from settlement.

It is also a good idea to inspect your wall cracks for basement wall leaks in your Iowa home. If it is detected early that your wall cracks are letting water in, the sooner the repair can begin. Early detection will save you money in the long run due to costlier repairs would have to be done if left undetected.

If you see foundation cracks it’s time to give WCI Basement Repair a call to diagnose the problem before it gets worse. get a professional to do your work as they have the tools and up to date knowledge of everything your foundation needs. Get a free estimate now! Leading foundation repair Des Moines, Iowa.

Basement Crack Repair Solutions

The professionals at WCI Basement Repair, will inspect your wall cracks, and find the best solution to your problem. One solution for cracked and bowed foundation walls are plate anchors. They are designed to stabilize and permanently support your bowing, leaning or cracked wall. These plate anchors consist of an inside wall plate, an outside anchor and a high strength rod that ties them together. These ECP plate anchors are the most economical method for providing lateral force to help stabilize cracked walls caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Push piers are used when it is decided that your cracks in basement walls or floors are caused by foundation settlement. These ECP push piers are installed to support the maximum weight of the structure. These steel push piers are driven into the ground to deep load-bearing soils Then the weight of the structure is transferred from weaker soils onto these steel piers.

Helical piers are also used when the wall cracks are due to foundation settlement. They are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist a tension or compressive force or both. This underpinning process is used to strengthen and stabilize the foundation.

There are a variety of reasons why underpinning may be necessary using push piers, helical piers or plate anchors. It may be due to:

  • The original foundation is not strong or stable enough
  • The usage of the structure has changed
  • The soil supporting the foundation has changed
  • The construction of nearby structures may have made the excavation of soil necessary

For whatever reason you are having basement wall cracks or floor cracks in your home, WCI Basement Repair will find out the reason for the cracks, and give you the best option for permanently fixing these cracks and stabilizing your structure. We have the experts and equipment needed to make sure your repair is done right the first time. We stand behind our work and are committed to helping keep your Iowa home safe and structurally sound. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate for your cracked walls or floor repair.


Angled   Horizontal
Angled Wall Crack   Horizontal Wall Crack
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Angled and Horizontal wall crack   Vertical Horizontal basement crack
Center Converging   Vertical wider at bottom
Center Converging Wall Cracks   Vertical wider at bottom Iowa
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Vertical crack wider at top   Wider at top than bottom Iowa
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Vertical Wall Crack Repair   Vertical Foundation Repair Iowa
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Stair Step Repair Wall   Stair Step Foundation Repair Iowa