Foundation Repair Solutions

At WCI Basement Repair, we provide our clients with only the best foundation repair solutions. No foundation is the same, so we will tailor our solutions to fit your home’s needs. Our experienced foundation experts can come out to your property and determine the correct solution for you. Each foundation problem, from bowing walls to cracks to sticking doors and windows have their own solutions and need to be inspected before any plans are put into action.

What Are Common Foundation Repair Solutions?

Our recommended solutions (for all foundation problems) include:

  • Wall Anchors– Ideal for address bowing, tilting, or leaning walls, our wall anchor system is a reliable solution. This method involved strategically placing anchors in the soil outside your home, connected by steel rods to wall plates inside. This process provides lateral support, preventing further movement and stabilizing your walls. 
  • Push Piers – When faced with shifting and settling foundation resulting in unevenness, our push pier system comes into play. These durable steel piers are driven deep into stable soil, providing support and lifting the foundation to its original position. This method is effective in restoring structural integrity and preventing further settlement.
  • Helical Piers – Similar to push piers, helical piers are employed for shifting and settling foundations. This solution is particularly beneficial for foundations that lack stability. Helical piers are screw-like steel shafts that are advanced into the soil, providing support and preventing further movement. This method is versatile and can be used in various soil conditions. 
  • Underpinning – Address foundation cracks and offering additional protection, underpinning is a versatile solution. It involves reinforcing the foundation by extending its depth or width, enhancing its load-bearing capacity. This not only repairs existing damage but also provides a robust foundation for potential home expansions or renovations in the future.

All of our foundation repair solutions are minimally invasive, with minimal maintenance required over the years. These solutions are often guaranteed to last the lifetime of the structure, depending on the location and level of initial damage. You can trust that we have the best options to fit your budget. 

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