Trusted Foundation Repair Solutions

At WCI Basement Repair, we provide our clients with only the best foundation repair solutions. No foundation is the same, so we will tailor our solutions to fit your home’s needs. Our experienced foundation experts can come out to your property and determine the correct solution for you. Each foundation problem, from bowing walls to cracks to sticking doors and windows have their own solutions and need to be inspected before any plans are put into action.

What Are Common Foundation Repair Solutions?

Our recommended foundation repair solutions (for all foundation problems) include:

  • Wall Anchors– Used for bowing tilting, or leaning walls
  • Push Piers – Used for shifting & settling foundations that have become uneven
  • Helical Piers – This solution is also used for shifting and settling foundations that are not stable 
  • Underpinning – Used to fix cracks found in foundations and provide extra protection should you choose to build onto your home

All of our foundation repair solutions are minimally invasive, with minimal maintenance required over the years. These solutions are often guaranteed to last the lifetime of the structure, depending on the location and level of initial damage. You can trust that we have the best options to fit your budget. 

Chose WCI Basement Repair 

If you need your foundation repaired, choose WCI. We are a professional team with years of experience in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and more. Ready to see the difference in your home? Give us a call today and receive a free estimate!