Egress Windows Iowa

Egress Window in IowaEgress windows are lifesaving equipment for your family. If you have a properly equipped egress windows in your basement, in the event of an emergency it can be the difference between life and death.

Not only will egress windows protect your family, but they will also brighten up your basement immensely. Also, according to the Iowa egress window code, you must have an egress window installed in every bedroom in the basement.

Beautiful Egress Windows

Iowa Egress Window Requirements

According to the 2006 IRC–International Residential Code requirements, egress windows and wells are required under the following circumstances:

  • If you add a bedroom in your basement, an egress window must be installed.
  • If you create a habitable space in your basement and you currently do not have an egress window, one must be included with the installation of the habitable room.


You can count on a closed well cover to be sturdy enough to support up to 500 pounds while eliminating the risk of anyone falling in the well. The cover is also light enough for a child to escape easily.

Easy-to-Install System

  • Choose between a one-piece unit or a modular unit that can be stacked to any depth with no bracing necessary.
  • Well covers can be attached to the well easily and protect people and pets from accidentally falling in.
  • Windows are shipped “ready to pour” with the sash and screen inside the frame for one-step installation


Egress Windows IowaWellcraft egress window wells are made from polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This durable material gives them superior weathering capabilities and no maintenance once they have been installed. They are warranted against rusting, rotting and decay for a period of ten years.


Every year, about 4,000 people die in their home because of a house fire. This happens because they become trapped in their bedrooms without an escape. You can’t always count on the normal escape route as it may get blocked by smoke and fire.

Fire can spread rapidly through a home, leaving as little as two minutes to escape safely. In the event of a fire or emergency, family members have the ability to escape out of the basement quickly through Wellcraft egress windows and wells. It’s also an access point for emergency personnel.

Before making a decision about your egress window installation, talk to a professional here at WCI to ensure a safe process and to avoid problems in the future that could damage your foundation.