Interior Basement Waterproofing

Do you have a wet basement?

Water problems in existing basements are very common, but often are not understood or properly treated.   Basements are increasingly used as finished living and bedroom spaces. A wet basement can cause mold and mildew. When mold spores get into the air you breathe, it can cause health problems for you and your family. An interior drainage system installed by the professionals at WCI Basement Waterproofing will keep your basement dry and your family safe.

Interior drainage systems are one of the most important aspects of residential waterproofing. They keep excess water from building up around and under your foundation.

Interior Drainage Solutions in Iowa

We install the most effective interior drainage systems. It is a below the slab drainage system. A perforated drain pipe is installed along theInterior drainage in Iowa by WCI Basement Repair perimeter of the footing. This requires removing and replacing concrete around the slab edge. By placing the drain pipe beneath the slab, it drains the area to a lower level. This drainage pipe is then attached to the sump pump system. This system will remove rising groundwater if there is an aggregate layer under the slab.

Let WCI Basement Repair keep your Iowa basement dry with an interior basement drainage system. We use only the best basement waterproofing products available manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP). WCI Basement Repair is a locally owned and operated business that offers the highest level of quality solutions, workmanship, and service at a fair price. We are dedicated to our Iowa customers and since we are locally owned, you will get the personal attention you deserve from start to finish and after the project is completed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your basement waterproofing needs.