Egress Window InstallationEgress Window Installation

Egress windows are a great way to add natural light to your basement, and can help keep your family safe in the event of an emergency. For high-quality egress window installation, turn to the professionals at WCI Basement Repair. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals can install new or replacement egress windows for homeowners across Iowa. When you need the best, you need WCI Basement Repair.

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Experienced Egress Window Company

When you need egress window installation, it’s important to choose experienced and skilled professionals. According to the 2006 IRC – International Residential Code requirements – egress windows and wells are a necessity if:

  • You add a bedroom in your basement.
  • You create a habitable space in your basement and do not currently have an egress window. 

At WCI Basement Repair, we have the skills, experience, and resources required for superior window installation services. You can count on us to ensure that your egress window installation will adhere strictly to all requirements so your home is up to code.

Window Well Cover Installation

A properly constructed window well cover is strong enough to support up to 500 pounds of weight and eliminates the risk of anyone falling into the well. While a quality window well cover can withstand that amount of weight, it’s also light enough that a child can open it and escape easily in the event of an emergency. 

At WCI Basement Repair, we offer egress window installation and window well cover installation to complete your egress window system. Wellcraft egress window wells are crafted from durable polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This material offers impressive strength and performance while being incredibly low maintenance. We’re so confident in our Wellcraft window well covers that they come with a 10-year warranty for protection against rusting, rotting, and decay. 

We offer an easy-to-install window well cover system that offers benefits such as:

  • Protection Against Falling for People and Pets
  • Multiple Options with One-Piece Units or Modular Units
  • Easy Attachment to the Window Well
  • Sash and Frame Included Inside the Frame for One-Step Installation
  • Prevents Debris Buildup Near Egress Window

Why Choose WCI Basement Repair for Your Egress Window Installation

Basement Egress Window Installation

Egress windows are an important part of any home. Due to their location, they are easy to overlook and take for granted. However, egress windows play a vital role in your home’s performance. In addition to increasing natural light in your basement, they help with your home’s waterproofing system and can be used as a means of escape in the event of an emergency. Trust WCI with your next egress window installation.

Because these windows are so important to your home, you want to be sure you choose professionals with experience and skill.

Egress Window Installation Beyond Polk, IA

At WCI Basement Repair, we offer comprehensive egress window installation services to residential and commercial customers throughout Iowa. We serve multiple counties, including:

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