Are Window Well Covers All I Need to Protect My Egress Windows in Iowa?

Maintaining a Safe Window Well Area

We all are aware that an egress window is an essential part of your Iowa basement’s living space. As set by the National Building Code, all basement bedrooms are required to have at least one egress window to serve as an exit point during an emergency such as a fire. These windows also provide firefighters with access to the basement when rescue is needed. Although the necessity of egress windows in Iowa is for a good reason, homeowners often worry about them serving as an entryway for burglars and protecting individuals who may be in close proximity to the exterior wells.

Window Well Covers and Grates

Window well covers and grates offer protection as well as an attractive fixture to your egress system. Well covers can prevent people and animals from falling into open wells. They also provide protection from weather and debris from filling the window well. Grates are commonly manufactured of steel and provide protection from intruders and also prevent falls into the window well. Grates also provide natural light to enter the basement space as well as ventilation in your well system. Grates are an affordable way to protect your family, both outside and inside your home.

Window Well Drainage and Window Leaks

In addition to safety measures for people and animals, window wells also need to be installed properly to ensure adequate drainage. If not installed correctly, water can fill the well and pool up against the window which can poor right into your basement. Water pouring through your egress window doesn’t necessarily mean that the window needs replaced, but may just mean your window well needs to be fixed. Generally, new window wells are installed with drains to prevent water accumulation and have channels for the water to drain.

Recommended Window Well Maintenance

The best thing you can do to make sure that your window well is up to par is to be sure to keep the covers and grates securely in place at all times. And if debris builds up on the exterior of the covers, remove and rake the area to prevent further build-up. It is also important that if debris does collect within the egress window well, you need to clean it out to promote good drainage. Never allow water to pool because it will eventually seep through the window.

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