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Winter Foundation Concerns

Winter Foundation Concerns We all know the important role your foundation plays in the overall health of your home. When issues with your foundation begin that can often be noticed throughout other areas of the house. Seasonal temperature changes cause the ground to contract especially as we begin to deal with freezing as we move […]

Before & After: Failing Basement Wall

Before & After: Failing Basement Wall Basement Wall Replacement If you have a basement wall that is bowing, crumbling, or failing, it is vital to have repairs implemented as soon as possible. The stability of your basement walls determines a lot of the structural integrity of your home. If they collapse, your entire home will […]

Why Should You Choose WCI Basement Repair?

Proven & Reliable Solutions For Wet Basement Problems Many homeowners in Iowa have experienced what it is like to have a wet and leaking basement. With the unpredictable Midwest weather, it is hard to know how to protect your home from disaster. From flooded floors, to wet carpets, to ruined drywall; water damage can bring […]

Iowa Home Foundation Repair – When to Call WCI

Preventing Foundation Problems in Iowa The foundation of your home is the most important part of the home. The entire structure sits on the foundation. When your foundation has settlement, the entire structure of the home will have structural damage. Some of the steps to help prevent foundation problems are: Proper grading – Make sure […]

When Buying Your Iowa Dream Home, Beware of Foundation Problems

Homebuyer Foundation Problems in Iowa Are you buying a home in Iowa? If so, it is vital that you carefully inspect the home for any signs of damage to the foundation. Foundation problems are a scary issue and are not something that you want to deal with in your new home. It is important to […]

Why Freezing and Thawing of Ice Could be Your Enemy

Foundation Problems from Freezing and Thawing in Iowa Though it is not one of the  problems that many people often consider a great threat, freezing and thawing during the winter months can be very detrimental to your home’s foundation. When the water in the soil around your home starts to freeze and thaw repetitively, it […]

Solve Wet Basement Problems in Iowa with WCI

Water in the Basement Causes and Solutions for Wet Basements Heading downstairs to do a load of laundry and discovering water can really ruin your day. The flooding of Iowa basements can occur at any time and it can happen in every home, even if your basement has never had water before. Most flooding happens […]

Are Window Well Covers All I Need to Protect My Egress Windows in Iowa?

Are Window Well Covers All I Need to Protect My Egress Windows in Iowa? Maintaining a Safe Window Well Area We all are aware that an egress window is an essential part of your Iowa basement’s living space. As set by the National Building Code, all basement bedrooms are required to have at least one […]

Autumn in Iowa means Cleaning your Gutters to Protect your Foundation

Gutter Cleaning 101 Gutters clogged from the falling autumn leaves can lead to standing water around your foundation. Gutters are a part of a system that moves water away from your roof and home. Homeowners need to be aware of the damage that can occur from clogged gutters. When water is not drained properly away […]

Structural Repair for Sinking and Settling Foundations in Iowa

Know the Signs of Sinking and Settling Foundations Foundation sinking and settlement can occur in your Iowa home or business due to the changing moisture content that occurs in the Iowa soil beneath  your foundation. Iowa has expansive soil that will heave when it is extremely wet and shrink when dry. As the soil continues […]