Foundation Problems from Freezing and Thawing in Iowa

cracked red bricksThough it is not one of the  problems that many people often consider a great threat, freezing and thawing during the winter months can be very detrimental to your home’s foundation. When the water in the soil around your home starts to freeze and thaw repetitively, it can spell trouble for the foundation above. That is why it is important to have your foundation inspected regularly, especially after bouts of cold weather, and to invest in foundation repair options as soon as any ice damage is found in your foundation. The repair experts at WCI Basement Repair can give you repair solutions that will prevent freezing and thawing ice from causing major issues in your home.

How does the freezing and thawing of water lead to foundation problems? There are a couple of different ways this can happen:

  • Freezing and Thawing in Poured Concrete Slabs: Because concrete is a porous material, it is not uncommon for it to become saturated with water. Critical saturation occurs when 91% of the concrete’s pores have water in them. If the water in these pores freezes, it will take up 9% more space than the liquid water. This puts stress on the concrete, causing it to start deteriorating and become less and less stable. If these problems are severe enough, they could even cause gaps and cracks in the concrete.
  • Freezing and Thawing Beneath Concrete: The next type of damage occurs when the water in the ground beneath the concrete freezes and thaws. As the groundwater freezes, it will expand, causing the above slab to heave. When the same water thaws, it contracts the soil, causing the concrete to settle. This process can lead to a settling, shifting, or heaving foundation.

These are some of the problems that can result from the freezing and thawing of ice in and around your foundation. For solutions to these issues, come to WCI Basement Repair.

Freezing and Thawing Solutions from WCI Basement Repair

Fortunately, WCI Basement Repair offers a few solutions that can help you repair foundations that have been affected by freezing and thawing. These solutions can help to repair foundations that have become unstable due to sinking and shifting from ice damage.

The first solution is foundation underpinning. This process is the installation of steel push piers or helical piers to lift the foundation. These piers are anchored deep underground where they will not be affected by soil movement from freezing and thawing. This helps them to support the heavy foundation and lift the concrete back to the proper level.

Another solution, best for fixing shifting foundations, is known as wall anchor installation. This is a device that is anchored in the yard near the foundation wall to be straightened. Once the anchor is in place, it is attached to the wall with a plate and rod, which is tightened over time to straighten the wall gradually.

If you are dealing with foundation problems after the cold winter weather, let us know; we are happy to help you out. Contact us right away to learn more about our services in Iowa!

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