Winter Foundation Concerns

We all know the important role your foundation plays in the overall health of your home. When issues with your foundation begin that can often be noticed throughout other areas of the house. Seasonal temperature changes cause the ground to contract especially as we begin to deal with freezing as we move into the winter season.

Differences in temperatures can be enough to cause the soil surrounding your home to shift. The shift can generate movement that is sufficient enough to cause cracking in the foundation. If you’re already experiencing cracks in your foundation, the ground contraction could make them worse as water can flow into them and expand with additional freezing.

If you are experiencing cracks, contact us to inspect the areas affected and we can determine if you have an issue that needs foundation repair. You don’t want to wait until you’re seeing obvious signs of damage, such as cracks in walls, difficulty closing windows or doors or uneven floors – before you take action.

We would be happy to help prepare your home for the winter season!

Category: Foundation Repair