bowing basement wallBefore & After: Failing Basement Wall

Basement Wall Replacement

If you have a basement wall that is bowing, crumbling, or failing, it is vital to have repairs implemented as soon as possible. The stability of your basement walls determines a lot of the structural integrity of your home. If they collapse, your entire home will suffer from it.

Here at WCI Basement Repair, we can come and inspect your basement and help you to discover the root issues. From there, we will plan out a repair method that works best for your needs and budget. You can trust our professional team to give your basement the strength and stability that it needs. We will get your home back on it’s feet in no time!

Below are some examples of work that we have done. You can see that before we repaired it, the basement walls were crumbling and falling, almost making the stairs inaccessible. Something needed to be done, and it was inevitable that the basement walls needed to be replaced. After our work was done, these homeowners had a sturdy foundation wall that would provide their home with stability and safety for many years to come!

Crumbling Foundation Walls

In this next series of pictures you will see the before and after shots of a crumbling foundation that we repaired. With failing foundation walls, it is important to ensure that the support is being properly distributed. If the wall continues to fall, the foundation will continue to lose support. Worse problems can form from crumbling foundation walls over time, so it is important to get them fixed immediately.

For repairing crumbling foundation walls, we first assess the damage that has taken place in order to create a plan of action. Then, we install temporary supports throughout the basement while we repair the damaged wall. Once the supports are stabilized, we begin to tear down the unsafe wall and build a new foundation wall to replace it. Once the new wall is settled and dry, your basement will be a safe and livable area.

If you are experiencing crumbling or failing basement and foundation walls, be sure to call us today for a free estimate.

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