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Bowing Walls In Iowa

Bowing Wall Repair

It’s common for your basement walls, concrete, or masonry to fail over a period of time or begin to bow. The bowing is usually caused by too much lateral pressure from the outside soil. Another cause could be the insufficient original design of the house. You may also have bad drainage or unrestrained water, especially with Iowa’s rain, inadequate waterproofing, and over-compaction of the soil.

Walls are at their strongest with compression. Overly bowed walls should be seen right away by a professional. You should always monitor your cracks for change. If the wall does seem to move and is unstable it needs to be corrected immediately. You can get devices to monitor movement on your basement walls, just ask one of our team members for help!

What Are Bowing Wall Repair Options?

For bowing and leaning walls, foundation wall anchors can be installed in your Iowa home or business. These anchors will support and pull the wall back into its original position. They are easy to install and minimally evasive. This setup and design, though simple, should be completed by a professional. WCI Basement Repair has experts that are extensively trained in how to install these wall anchors. We use only the best products for bowing walls made by Earth Contact Products. We can observe your bowing and leaning walls and then see if wall anchors are the right solution for you.

Helical tieback anchors are used to stabilize and strengthen bowing walls in your home. These tieback anchors are installed from the inside the basement wall through a small hole that is sealed after installation. With exterior excavation, the basement wall can be immediately pulled back to its original level. These helical tieback anchors are installed with portable equipment, are not affected by weather, and are load-tested immediately upon installation.

Trust WCI Basement Repair

WCI, located in west-central Iowa, has been repairing bowing walls for years. We only hire the best, most experienced team members so you can be sure to trust us to get the job done right the first time. Your home is one of your biggest investments and we’d like to keep it in good shape. Contact us today to get started on your home and receive your free quote!