Garage Foundation Problems in Iowa

garage foundation problems in IowaJust like your home, your garage can also encounter foundation issues. It is not rare for homeowners in Iowa to require foundation repair services for their garages. Because most garages are built on concrete slab foundations, they will experience floor cracks and uneven floors which poses a safety issue for you and your family. It also allows water to seep into your garage through wall and floor cracks. If you have an attached garage, foundation issues could also affect your home causing overall structural damage. So what causes foundation problems? Foundation problems are usually caused by too much water or not enough water. Excessive water causes soil erosion and expansion, washing away soil beneath the foundation. Hot, dry conditions create voids, causing the soil to shrink and shift over time. For any garage problems, contact the experts at WCI Basement Repair in Iowa. We will assess your damages and determine the best alternative for your foundation needs.

There are warning signs that your garage may need professional foundation repair. Some signs may be obvious and others may be subtle. The most common signs include:

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact WCI Basement Repair to eliminate further damage to your home. Our team will examine your home to see if you have foundation failure, then apply the best foundation repair method.

Solutions for Garage Foundation Issues in Your Iowa Home

helical piers repair garage foundation problems in IowaWCI Basement Repair offers a variety of foundation repair techniques to restore your the stability of your garage. Our products include steel piers and helical piers. These piers are the most common foundation repair products that are used for residential and commercial projects.

Push piers are steel tubes that are hydraulically driven down into the soil until they reach stable soil. They are designed to handle maximum capacity. With helical piers, the steel tubes use helical plates to pull the pier into the soil, then turned until they reach the proper depth. Steel brackets are attached at the end of the installment. Helical piers are ideal for lighter structures such as stoops and stairs.

Both piers can be installed year-round from either inside or outside of the home. They are designed to permanent fix your foundation problems and restore your property’s value. They lift the foundation back to its original position with little to no disturbance during the installation process. Compared to other foundation repair methods, helical and steel piers have fast, quick installation processes.

Whatever the cause of your garage foundation issues, WCI Basement Repair provides the best foundation repair methods for your home. We offer free estimates for every project. We serve the following cities of Iowa: Des Moines, Carroll, Fort Dodge, Clarion, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today if you have questions about your garage foundation.