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If your chimney is leaning and relatively undamaged, and if the movement is traced to ongoing chimney foundation settlement, we might be able to use helical piers, driven pins, or other foundation repair methods to repair your leaning chimney. If you decide to strap a masonry chimney to a building to stabilize a leaning or tipping chimney it is probably not going to hold. The weight of a chimney is very heavy. That is why strapping the chimney won’t work and you’ll actually end up bending or moving parts of the structure wall in many instances.

A leaning or tilting chimney is a very dangerous symptom of foundation failure or foundation settlement. We do have solutions for your leaning chimney so you can protect your home and protect your family and neighbors so that your chimney doesn’t fall. We can use underpinning solutions to straighten and strengthen your chimney, so don’t’ wait when you see this foundation failure sign. Call WCI Basement Repair right away.

How to fix a tilting chimney?

If you fill in the space between your house and your tilting chimney that will not do! It doesn’t’ matter if you will it with foam, caulk, or masonry it will not help the problem. To repair your tilting chimney you need to stabilize it.

We use helical piers. These helical piers are driven into the ground. When you have the helical piers placed and in the ground we then attach the bracket and mount it on the footing of the chimney’s foundation. This will add the strength and support needed to keep your chimney standing for a long time.

Once everything is set and placed, your tilting chimney will then begin its journey to its original place. Call WCI today to get an estimate and fix your chimney before it’s too late. We are located in Carroll, Iowa and serve the entire surrounding area for foundation repair.