Leaning and damaged chimney
Leaning Chimney

Leaning Chimney Repair

A leaning or tilting chimney is a very dangerous symptom of foundation failure or foundation settlement. We do have solutions for your leaning chimney so you can ensure your safety and those around you. You may try to do some DIY fixes at home but without knowledge of the underlying cause of the leaning chimney, this could be a dangerous option. You want to make sure the solution lasts for years to come. Contact our team today for expert Leaning Chimney Repair services. 

How Do We Fix Leaning Chimneys?

If you fill in the space between your house and your tilting chimney that will not fix the problem. It doesn’t’ matter if you fill it with foam, caulk, or masonry, you will still struggle with leaning chimney problems. To repair your tilting chimney you need to stabilize it permanently.

At WCI, we use helical piers. These helical piers are driven into the ground. We then attach the bracket and mount it on the footing of the chimney’s foundation. This will add the strength and support needed to keep your chimney standing for a long time.

Choose our Leaning Chimney Repair Services

Once everything is set and placed, your tilting chimney will start to head to its original placement. Our team has plenty of experience with this kind of damage and you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Ready to get started on your home? Give us a call today to get your free quote!