sticking front door

Front door sticking

Need Sticking Door Repair?

All of your home’s doors should properly hang square in the opening without difficulty swinging open and shut. However, if it’s rubbing or sticking there is something that needs to be repaired. First, check the door corners with a square to find out if they’re level or not. An unlevel door could be a sign of some design flaws that are easily replaced. 

How Can I Fix My Sticking Door?

If you know your door is sticking and you’re looking for ways to fix it, check out some of the options below. 

Tighten loose screws

Open the door midway and grab and pull upward on the door handle. If you see or feel any of the hinges move, the screws may need tightening.

Fill stripped holes

 You might have a stripped hole where your screws hold the door on.  To check and see if this is the case, try to put a new screw in the hole. A screw will turn endlessly and never tighten if this is a problem. The best thing for you to do is take out the screw and then fill that hole with a sliver of wood dipped in glue. Let it dry, then refasten the screw.

Pull in the jamb

Remove a screw from the top hinge where it attaches to the jamb. Next put in a 3-inch-long replacement to move the jamb closer to the stud. Swap the top and bottom hinges. The older your hinge, the more the top of your door will bend. This is due to age and the opening and closing of the door through its life. The bottom hinge usually stays straighter because of its location.

Add shims

 You can place them behind the bottom hinge leaves to push the door’s bottom corner closer to the door’s latch-side jamb.

Could it Be a Settling Foundation?

It is great to fix the items listed above, but what you do need to remember is that a sticking door or sticking windows could be a sign of something more ominous. It could mean that you are experiencing foundation settlement in your home. Look for other signs by doing an inspection of your home inside and out. Look for:

  • Wall cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Misaligned doors and cabinets
  • Floor cracks 

On the outside, be on the lookout for:

Cracks in the garage floor or garage columns can also mean similar problems. 

Choose WCI Basement Repair

If you see any of these signs, it is not something you should ignore. Call your local foundation repair experts at WCI Basement Repair today. We have the tools and know-how to fix foundation repairs and restore the value of your home. Call us today and you’ll receive a free estimate!