Foundation push pier installed Let Us Help Repair Your Sinking Foundation

One of the biggest indicators of a sinking foundation is that your home is gradually leaning to one side. This is fairly easy to spot and you’ll likely get someone to fix it very quickly. However, sometimes your home experiences other more subtle signs that it’s affected by a sinking foundation.

What Are Some Signs of a Sinking Foundation?

Make sure you watch out for things like:

  • Windows and Doors Becoming Stuck or Misaligned
  • Cracks in Basements, Slabs, and on Sheetrock Walls
  • Water Puddles Forming Around the Base of Your Home 
  • Upheaval of Floors 
  • Floors That Slope or Have Cracks

What Causes a Sinking Foundation?

When there are fast changes like a heavy rainfall right after a dry spell, water moves through the soil at a higher rate than normal. The water always flows with the path of least resistance. If that path happens to be under your foundation, settlement and cracks will start to appear. Soils with heavy concentrations of water can double in weight, causing hydrostatic pressure to press against your foundation or consolidate soils. This consolidation can cause your foundation to sink due to the lack of support it has.

What Solutions Are There For Sinking Foundations?

Push piers are designed to give new support to structures that have lost their original supporting soils. Kind of like stilts, these underpinning products will not only stabilize a setting foundation but they also can lift and even hold the structure at its originally designed elevation.

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