Floor Crack Repair IowaCracked Floor Repair

As many homeowners know, cracked floors can happen often. Most of the time you will notice floor cracks in your basement, in the garage, patio, or in-ground pool. While they may seem insignificant, you should not ignore these cracks. When they are left uncared for, the floor cracks will widen and you could struggle with water seepage or worse structural damage, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Contact us today for cracked floor repair services throughout Iowa. 

What Causes Floor Cracks?

Floor cracks usually appear because of shrinkage and expansion between seasonal weather changes or thermal movement. When the soil around your home gets warmer or colder it expands and contracts, pushing against your home. As your home gets older, the soil tends to move even more. It’s important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible, as cracks can not only completely fracture and make the floor dangerous to walk on, but can affect your home’s stability as well. 

When you need Floor Crack Repair Services

There is a permanent solution to your floor crack problem so you can get back to focusing on your day-to-day life. If your foundation is poured, our expert team can use a low-pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam material. For concrete floor cracks, we recommend certain epoxies and polyurea materials suitable for slab repairs. No matter the materials that make up your foundation, we are here to help with the knowledge and experience we’ve gathered over the years. 

This application is best applied by a professional. WCI Basement Repair can help you seal up all of your floor cracks with precision and efficiency.

Trust WCI Basement Repair

We have been serving Iowa residents for many years, using only the best quality products and the most experienced workers. We know that your home is important to you, and we would never do anything to jeopardize its safety even further. Are you experiencing lots of pesky or dangerous floor cracks and want to get them checked out? Give our team a call today and receive your free quote!