Floor Cracks

Floor Cracks IowaFloor cracks do happen. Most of the time owners will notice floor cracks in their basement, in the garage, patio, or in-ground pool. Do not ignore these floor cracks. When they are left uncared for the floor cracks will widen and the result will be water seepage or even worse hurt your structural base.

Floor cracks usually appear because of shrinkage and expansion between seasonal weather changes, or thermal movement. There is a permanent solution to your floor crack problem. If your foundation is poured you are then able to use low-pressured injection of an epoxy or polyurethane foam material. For concrete floor cracks we recommend certain epoxies and polyurea materials suitable for slab repairs.

This application is best applied by a professional. WCI Basement Repair can help you seal up your floor cracks. We can repair your slab or poured foundation effectively and efficiently in a little amount of time. Call us today to schedule an appointment.