Leaky Basement Repair In Iowa

Keep your home’s foundation dry with water leak detection and leaky basement repair from WCI. It’s a good idea to scan your basement for foundation damage indicators like: 

  • Wall Cracks
  • Floor Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Water Leaks

All these signs could mean you have an underlying foundation problem. The sooner you spot a sign and call a professional the less damage it will cause to your home’s structure. If you have notice water leaks in your basement- call in the professionals at WCI today.

Basement Water Leak Causes

There are four main ways water enters your basement, these include: 

1. Surface water running down your foundation walls
2. Hydrostatic pressure from the ground in saturated soils
3. Water from the community storm sewer system
4. Sanitary sewer water from a joint municipal storm/sanitary sewer system that backs up into your home’s drain system, this causes sewer water to come up in your home through the sink drains and floor drains on your lower levels.

There are multiple ways water can get into your basement. Being prepared with a proper waterproofing barrier for your home and exterior drainage and interior drainage systems is a must when it comes to dealing with Iowa’s weather. Learn more about the options we can provide you by contacting us today. 

Water Leak Detection Iowa

What Do You Do When You Notice Water Leaks?

Spotting a water leak in its early stages can save your home from a large disaster. The water leak can cause extensive damage if it goes unnoticed. You can have different types of water leaks in your home, each potentially coming from different sources. As you can see in the illustration above you’ll notice water can come from numerous places including:

Finding a professional to fix your leaky basement right away is key to saving your home from further destruction and cost. If you noticed that your water is coming in through your walls you probably need to look at your waterproofing options. 

Not taking care of the water leaks can result in further damage like mold, mildew, damaged belongings, and more! That is why it’s always best to call a basement waterproofing professional like WCI to repair and fix the problem the right way.

WCI’s Water Leak Detection & Leaky Basement Repair Solutions

Don’t try to repair a water leak by yourself. A small mistake can make a small job and expensive job. It’s always better to have an experienced professional come in and assess the situation. At WCI Basement Repair, we have the solutions to keep your basement dry for years to come. With various proven waterproofing options, we can get your basement back in shape in no time. Give us a call today to learn more about our basement repair and waterproofing services.