Settling Foundation Repair

Settling Foundation

Settling Foundation

It is quite common for houses to settle, and when they do it can cause serious problems. There are a couple factors, however, that effect the severity of the settlement. It is important to pay attention to the foundation and the ground atop which the house was built. The most common reason for settlement is improperly back filled soil. If too much soil is dug out for a basement, and requires to be back filled, then the loose soil which was placed as backfill will not hold the house as properly as undisturbed soil.

Other factors for settlement include the types of soil homes are built on. Some soils accelerate settlement more than others. One last major issue is tree roots, if tree roots get under your basement they can affect the soil compaction. All of these issues should be addressed by professionals, if you encounter any foundation and settlement issues give WCI Basement Repair a call.

Is your home starting to lean to one side? If your home is leaning to one side this is a sign of foundation settlement. You are in need of foundation repair. We serve the Des Moines and the surrounding areas with foundation repair needs.

Settling Foundation Repair IA

Where to start and what caused your settling foundation?

The experts at WCI Basement Repair have methods of preventing your home from settling any further. With the latest techniques and products we will do all that we can to ensure the safety of you and your family. One of our products is the helical pier. These piers are installed around the foundation of your home and are intended relieve pressure on basement walls. Helical piers drilled into the ground until they reach bedrock, then they are used to help lift and support the foundation. Similar to helical piers, push piers are also load baring products. They are driven into stable soil and support the foundation as well. No matter what your need, whether it be a settling home, flooded basement, or cracked foundation give WCI a call. Contact us Today!

Keep on the lookout for windows and doors sticking or becoming misaligned. Another sign is cracks in basement walls, slabs, and drywall. Watch for a pooling of water that may form at the base of your foundation. Floors may become uneven and unlevel, sloped, or become cracked. Settlement can also occur in your garage foundation, so look for cracks and uneven concrete floors.

Once you found your problem with those key signs you can start with a solution to repair it. Foundation repair may be needed if your basement walls are bowing or cracking. This can be due to a mature tree with roots growing into your foundation or the expanding of soils when it freezes and unfreezes during different seasons, or your soil was not properly compacted when the house was being built. For whatever reason it may be we can fix it. We use steel push piers to support your home to replace the support that was lost with your original soils. These piers act like stilts to stabilize a settling foundation. They lift and hold your homes structure at the original design of elevation. To learn more about foundation repair view our foundation repair page.

Waterproofing in Des Moines, Iowa is another key to keeping your basement from foundation failure. Soils that are below 6-8 feet ground level will go through wet and dry seasons. When there is a heavy rain after a drought water will move through the soil at a faster rate. This heavy rain fall will look for the path of least resistance and go under and through your foundation. This will cause settlement and cracks. Water will start to leak or rush into your basement as well as insects and even rodents like snakes. To learn more about waterproofing your basement or foundation repair Des Moines, Iowa go to our waterproofing and foundation repair page. We are located in Carroll, IA and serve the entire surrounding area.