Basement Cracks and Leaks

Next time you step into your basement, look at your basement walls. Look for wall cracks, leaks, and bowing/leaning walls. Why? These signs may indicate future foundation problems in your basement. Fixing these problems right away could save you time and money in the long run. It doesn’t matter the size or age of your home. At WCI, we offer many solutions for fixing your basement foundation issues including wet basements and cracked foundations. We are committed to assisting our homeowners with quality, reliable service. We are your basement crack repair Iowa service providers.

Basement Crack Repair Iowa

What causes basement cracks? Basement wall cracks are caused by settling foundation. Cracks that are .064″ don’t leak. Cracks that are wider on top than on the bottom are caused by foundation settlement. There are many different types of cracks. They range from angled to vertical cracks. Whatever crack your basement has, our team of professionals can diagnose the problem before it gets worse. We have the tools to fix your basement cracks. WCI is your basement crack repair Iowa service team.

Basement Wall Repair Iowa Team

If you notice walls leaning in or out, water leaks through cracks or cracks in the block walls then you need foundation repairs. In Iowa, our team of professionals can repair your basement wall by offering foundation repairs.

Our foundation repair solutions include wall anchors, push piers, helical piers, and underpinning. All of these repair solutions offer many benefits.

  • Wall anchors – supports and straightens cracked/bowed foundation walls
  • Push piers – supports heavy weight of faulty structures; Saves many homes from total destruction
  • Helical piers – used on applications where there is need to resist a tension or force; Easy to install without work site disturbances
  • Underpinning – involves stabilizing and strengthening your foundation of an existing home

Fix your foundation repairs immediately before the problem gets worse. Our products are economical and quick to install. We provide high quality service because all of our foundation products are made from Earth Contact Products, today’s leading manufacturer. WCI Basement Repair is your basement crack repair Iowa service team.

Solutions for Basement Wall Waterproofing Iowa

It does not matter if you have block walls or poured concrete foundation, water can affect any type of foundation. Homeowners can prevent most water damages. The experts at WCI Basement Repair have a checklist to prevent future water problems:

  •  Properly Working Gutters
  •  Heavy Duty Sump Pump
  •  Repair Basement Wall Cracks
  •  Sealed Interior Drainage System
  •  Stable Foundation
  •  Free Flowing Exterior Drain System
  •  Proper Grading
  •  Downspout Extensions

Without all of these preventions working together, you are risking a wet basement and foundation problems. Water is the culprit. Our team of professionals can install a waterproofing system to protect your basement.

At WCI Basement Repair, we can install a basement wall waterproofing system. Our waterproofing installations include interior/exterior drainage, sump pits, sump pumps, battery back-up pumps, and french drains. Our team can determine the best waterproofing solution for your home.

If you have a leaky basement or cracked basement walls, then contact WCI Basement Repair. We are your basement crack repair Iowa service provider. Contact us today for an estimate.

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