Sump Pump Installation & Repair In Iowa

Sump pumps in Iowa are an essential piece to the basement waterproofing in IA puzzle. Just like floor drains, many Iowa basements must have sump pumps in order to control basement and crawlspace water seepage. Many Iowa homes have installed sump pumps that are old, unreliable, and create moisture and health problems in basements or crawlspaces. The “construction grade” sump pumps are not as reliable or efficient as the high pumping, large capacity ECP sump pumps installed by WCI. Sump pump installation is no longer a weak pump set in a hole in the basement floor that creates more problems than they solve. Modern sump pump and sump basins now have the following waterproofing features:

What Are Sump Pumps?

The purpose of a sump pump is to remove water that has accumulated in the sump basin. Sump pumps are a staple in many homes and are found in the basement. Sump pumps are often in basement where flooding happens regularly, however it is always a good idea to have one as a precaution. Exterior drains under the basement often collect water and drain into the sump basin. The homes electrical system usually provide sump pumps with power, however, they may also have battery backups. WCI Basement Repair has the necessary tools and resources to install sump pumps in your home.

Modern sealed sump pump systems are highly reliable and keep running at optimal performance levels. Combining the pump systems with an interior waterproofing or drainage system, will increase the value of your home as well as create the option of new, healthy living space.

Iowa homeowners can control their wet basement and water damage by having a sump pump installed by WCI. Get a heavy duty sump pump in a sealed sump pit that will send water out to a location outside and away from your home. It’s designed as a reservoir for excess water from the ground and rainwater. Rather than keeping water out of the house completely, the sump pump can control how water is gathered underneath your home. It then pumps out the water after it is collected, this also prevents moisture levels that may rise in the home.

If you have extensively gone through your house and repaired all the cracks in your walls, leaks, and pipes and you still notice problems you may want a sump pump installed. Sump pumps don’t prevent water from entering the basement but it will control water in your basement and/or crawl space. We cover most of the Des Moines, Iowa area. Contact us today to see if we offer service in your area.

Is a Sump Pump Necessary?

Sump pump installation is a great addition or upgrade to your Iowa basement. Do not risk your basement flooding due to out of date, unreliable, new-construction grade sump pumps. Today’s sump equipment is very reliable and adds to the health of your home. Quality waterproofing contractors have great, reliable sump pumps available, including single pump systems, battery backup sump pumps, triple sump systems, and water alarms that keep your basement or crawlspace dry and healthy.

Primary Sump PumpsSump Pump Installation Sump Pumps Iowa

Your primary sump pump is your first line of defense against basement water. The sump pumps job is to remove any water that collects in the sump basin or pit. These pumps have a float system that tells it when to turn on and off. There are many types of floats or switches – mechanical, tethered, pressure, and electronic. Since the switch mechanism is the number one reason for sump pump failure, your focus needs to be on picking a high-quality switch first. The best sump pump switches are the ones that have backup or dual switches. These dual switches provide redundancy in the case of switch failure. When it comes to protecting your home from water, two is always better than one.

The next feature to look for is performance. Performance is not just volume (gallons per hour) but also electrical efficiency. Gallons per watt-hour is a performance criterion that some sump pump manufacturers are starting to use. The highest performance pumps will pump over six gallons per watt-hour, meaning that not only will it outperform (in GPH) your old sump pump but will use less electricity to do it.

Battery Backup Sump PumpsSump Pump Installation Iowa

As noted above “When it comes to protecting your home from water, two is always better than one”. Battery backup pumps provide protection against water when your power goes out. During the worst of the spring storms often times power will be lost, shutting down your sump pump system. In these cases, a battery backup sump pump will automatically turn on and provide protection to your basement until power is restored. For those of us that have experienced basement flooding a battery backup is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

The best battery backup systems monitor your whole sump pump with a controller and then switch your sump system from AC power to DC power when there is an interruption in power service. These controllers will then recharge the battery once AC power is restored. Audible alarms will inform you of this instance but no action is needed on your part for most systems.

As with AC sump pumps, DC battery backup units vary in performance and features. Once again gallons per hour and efficiency are the keys to picking the best system. If the system is not efficient, it will drain the battery quickly and put your basement at risk. Also, if your backup cannot keep up with the amount of water entering your sump basin, your basement will be at risk.

Sump Basins and Frozen Discharge Lines

Sealed sump basins stop moisture from entering the living space which can degrade the air quality in your home. New efficient designs are available to be combined with high-efficiency sump pumps creating a high-performance water management system. When combined with a sealed interior drainage system your homes indoor air quality can increase while moving water to the sump pit. The sump pump is triggered by a switch to turn on and pump the water outside, a freeze guard can be installed to prevent freezing of the discharge line. These freeze guards are simple devices that mount outside your home and allow water a place to go if the buried line becomes frozen or blocked.

Sump Pump Repair Iowa

The sump pump is designed to turn on only when needed, this way saves you electricity and money. Inside of most sump pumps is a floating trigger. When there is water in the basin the trigger will float, causing the sump pump to begin its job. When there is no water in the basin, then the sump pump is not running. The professionals at WCI Basement Repair would like to do all that we can to guarantee that your home is safe and dry. A moist basement can lead to dangerous molds that might grow in your home. The spores from these molds could get into the air and your family could breathe it in. Protect your home and your family with the best products in the industry and the best workers for the job, call WCI Basement Repair Today!

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