Iowa Foundation Repair

If you live in Iowa, you know that the winter months bring snow to the Midwest. As the snow starts to melt, it turns into excess water. The soil becomes saturated and water seeps into small cracks in your foundation walls. Overtime, your foundation may settle or shift due to water beneath your foundation. Look for obvious signs of foundation failure such as misaligned doors/window, wall cracks, bowing/leaning walls, leaning chimneys, and a cracked slab. If you have any of these signs, you need to hire a professional to repair your foundation before the problem gets worst. At WCI Basement Repair, we will assess your foundation issues and make a plan for waterproofing your basement.

As a homeowner living in Iowa, you want to maintain a foundation that protects your home’s value and the health of your family. Inspect your home for signs of foundation failure:

If your home shows any of these signs, our team of professionals will examine the interior and exterior of your home. If we determine that you need foundation repairs, we offer quality foundation repair solutions to fix your foundation. Avoiding the necessary foundation repairs, will only make the issues bigger in the long run. Wall cracks will become wider and foundation issues will cause flooding in your basement. Water damage can destroy your living space and possessions. Wet basements can also create health issues for your family due to dangerous mold growth.

Our Foundation Repair Solutions

WCI Basement Repair has the expertise to take care all foundation problems. We offer the best products today’s market, made by Earth Contact Products (ECP):

  • Plate Anchors – When plate anchors from ECP are installed they can help stabilize and support your basement walls. The experts at WCI Basement Repair can usually install the plate anchors in one day with little disturbance to the outside soil.
  • Steel push piers – These types of piers are another option to strengthen your walls and support the maximum weight of your foundation. Each foundation pier is individually driven into stable soil below your foundation. This will allow the WCI installer to load test and verify each one.
  • Helical piers – With underpinning of your settling foundation WCI Basement Repair uses helical piers made by ECP. Using the helical piers in your underpinning gets past active soil and into bedrock. This will reduce the chances of your home settling or sinking further and causing more issues that will need to have Iowa foundation repair.

As you walk around your home, make note of obvious problems in your home. Our skilled team will address your concerns and determine the next step. Early detection will save you time and money for foundation repairs. You can feel confident that the work done by us will take care of your foundation issues. We provide free estimates. Make sure your home is prepared for the next winter months. Call WCI Basement Repair today!

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