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Any type of basement can be affected by water damage. It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete foundation, block walls or a clay tile foundation. Water can enter through the walls of your basement from improper gutters, downspouts, or a poor drainage system. If water gets inside the basement, it lead to a flooded basement or damp crawlspace. Water damage can also cause water stains, mold, salt deposits, or damage to the interior structure of the house. At WCI Foundation Repair, we can inspect your wet basement and offer the best basement waterproofing options for your home.

What causes wet basements?

  1. A wet basement may be caused by poor site preparation. During new construction, the soil may not be properly compacted. This may lead to a sinking foundation or foundation cracks. Foundation cracks allows water to seep into the basement. Overtime, cracks will get worse if they are not repaired.
  2. Wet basements are also caused by improper interior or exterior drainage systems. Having a good drainage system will collect excess water and direct the flow of water away from your foundation.
  3. A leaky plumbing system causes saturated soil. Excess water settles beneath the foundation and causes major foundation damage.

WCI Basement Repair has a solution for your basement waterproofing Des Moines, IA

There are several solutions to prevent water damage to your basement. First, fix the drainage system by unplugging the exterior drainage system. Second, make sure your interior and exterior drainage systems are properly installed. Our team of professionals offer quality drainage systems for all homeowners. Third,  install properly working gutters and downspouts. Check your gutters periodically for debris and leaves. Clogged gutters can cause water to surround your foundation and cause wall cracks. Finally, install a heavy duty sump pump. Our sump pumps at  WCI Basement Repair, will remove excess water from around and under your home to keep your basement dry. If the water problems are due to cracks in the walls or foundations, you may need to have your foundation repaired by the experts at WCI Basement Repair.

Fortunately, the professional team at WCI Basement Repair can take care of all your basement waterproofing needs in Iowa. We can fix faulty sump pumps, poor gutters, improper drainage system, wall cracks, unstable foundations, or any other problems that is causing your water problems. We offer the best services and provide our customers with top grade materials from quality suppliers like ECP (Earth Contact Products). Contact us today for assistance with basement waterproofing in Iowa.

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