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Your foundation is one of the most essential parts of your home – It holds and supports the entire structure. Because your foundation is such a vital component, it is important to make sure that it is in good shape. Regularly inspecting your foundation for signs of failure is a good way to keep your home in top condition. If any problems are detected, they should be fixed as soon as possible by a professional. The folks at WCI Basement Repair have plenty of effective, affordable foundation repair Des Moines, Iowa solutions for you.

There are numerous signs that indicate something is wrong with your foundation. You may see cracks in the walls, ceiling, or foundation of your home. The floors may be uneven or the foundation may look like it is sinking. The walls of your home may appear to be leaning or bowed. You might even notice that some of the doors or windows stick or have gaps around them. A wet basement or crawl space might also be an indication of a failing foundation.

WCI offers the best solutions in foundation repair Des Moines, IA


Fortunately, we offer many options for foundation repair Iowa. One common service that we offer is the installation of helical push piers. These are installed beneath the foundation and are used to raise the foundation back to it’s original position and prevent it from settling more in the future. We also offer resistance slab piers, which work to do much the same thing but are installed on top of a helical anchor or with an end-bearing pier. To support and straighten bowed or cracked basement walls, we use a wall anchor, which works by applying pressure from the outside of the wall. For serious stabilization, we provide underpinning services; this means we extend the foundation depth or width so that it rests on supportive soil and will not settle or move.

WCI Basement Repair offers all of these services and more. We also provide quality materials and products from ECP (Earth Contact Products). Contact us today to how the experts on foundation repair Iowa can help you keep your home safe and sound.

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