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There are many different types of home foundations commonly used in Iowa. It is important to know your foundation because it will allow you to identify potential problems. The sooner you notice a problem with your foundation, the sooner you are able to find an appropriate solution. No matter what type of foundation your home has, the experts at WCI Basement Repair can help take care of all your foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs.

The first and simplest type of home foundation is the concrete slab foundation. This kind of foundation comes in three standard forms: slab-on-grade foundation, T-shaped foundation, and frost protected foundation. All of these are good, solid foundation choices and each one has their advantages and disadvantages. The first concrete foundation is  a slab-on-grade foundation. It is a single, thick layer of poured concrete on a bed of gravel to help drainage. The concrete is poured thicker at the edges to form footings and inlaid with a wire mesh for stability. This type of foundation is very affordable and is ideal in areas where the ground does not freeze. The next concrete foundation is called T-shaped slab foundation. It is like a slab-on-grade foundation with deep, T-shaped (wider at the bottom) footing placed below the frost line. This foundation provides extra support for structures in areas where the ground does freeze. The last type of concrete slab foundation is the frost protected foundation. This foundation can only be used with heated structures and makes use of insulated concrete, meaning it protects the structure from cold damage in areas where the ground freezes.

Repair Solutions for Home Foundations in Iowa

Besides the concrete slab foundation, another popular foundation choice is the crawlspace foundation. With this type of foundation, the crawlspace is constructed above the frost line and the home is built on top of that. Generally, a footing is poured and the short foundation walls that make up the crawlspace support the home. This foundation choice is convenient, as it allows the homeowner to easily access the plumbing and heating and cooling systems.

The final type of home foundation commonly used in Iowa is the basement, or full height foundation. It consists of footings, and full height foundation walls supporting the home. Having a basement will raise the value of your home significantly, as it provides not only more access to HVAC systems, but also more potential storage or living area. Basement foundations are commonly installed in places where the frost line is quite deep, and the winters are cold.

Whichever type of home foundation you have, it has the potential to develop problems that can be quite a hassle to your and your family. Some common problems and solutions for the different foundations are:

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