Wet Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Iowa

Wet Crawl Space in Iowa

Wet crawl space

There are many circumstances that can cause a wet crawl space. First, check that your gutters are clean and downspouts divert water away from the house. If your downspout has a pooling of water around the foundation, redirect that water by extending your downspout at a minimum of 10 feet from the house.

Surface drainage is also a very important mark. The next time is rains watch to see where the water is spooling. Make sure to fill any low spots where the water seems to pool within ten feet of the foundation. For your best drainage, all your land surrounding your house should slope away from the foundation at a rate of one inch per foot. This includes the driveway, sidewalk, and your patio. A good waterproofing solution can help prevent future problems in your crawlspace.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Iowa

WCI Basement Repair offers crawl space encapsulation for wet crawl space repair in Iowa. The vaporCrawll Space repair with crawl space encapsulation in Iowa barrier used for crawl space encapsulation reduces energy costs and protects the crawl space against moisture, mold, radon and unwanted pests. Crawl space encapsulation provides your crawl space in your Iowa home with a clean storage environment, too.

The vapor barrier that WCI Basement Repair uses is manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in basement waterproofing and foundation repair products in the industry. This product is designed to stop ground moisture from entering your crawl space and prevent the crawl space from rotting wood.

Proper crawl space encapsulation and using a product that will stand-up over time is important. A healthy home starts from the ground up. A crawl space is full of moisture and mold spores thrive in a dark, damp place. So if you have a wet crawl space, chances are there is mold and mildew growing there. This can cause serious health issues for you and your family. These mold spores rise up into your living space and into the air that you breathe. This can cause several health issues such as:

  • Allergic responses
  • Skin rash
  • Asthma attacks
  • Eye irritation
  • Throat irritation
  • Hay fever symptoms
  • Respiratory and lung issues

The ECP vapor barrier that WCI Basement Repair installs, is 10-mil thick or 16-mil thick and is a triple-ply woven high density virgin polyethylene membrane that is puncture resistant. The plastic sheeting that you can buy at your local hardware store for a vapor retarder, is 6-mil thick and is not puncture resistant, and once even the smallest hole get in the material, it will completely lose its effectiveness. That is why it is important to contact a professional that has the experience and the best materials for your crawl space encapsulation.

Let the experts at WCI Basement Repair install a vapor barrier in your Iowa home for crawl space encapsulation to keep the moisture out. Don’t let a wet crawl space cause damage to the structure of your Iowa home or health issue to you or your family. WCI Basement Repair is locally owned in Carroll, Iowa and stand behind our work with a 25-year transferable warranty. Before any work begins, our professionals will evaluate your specific needs and budget. Contact us today for your crawl space encapsulation in Iowa.

Musty Crawl Space Solutions in Iowa

crawl space solutions in IowaIf you have a problem with subsurface water it’s generally more serious and will require our professional help. First you might want to go with a installing a sump pump because it’s the least intrusive, but remember when subsurface water is adding pressure to your basement walls, you may want to install a subsurface drainage system. This installation will involve excavating around the foundation and installing 4-inch drainage pipe covered with gravel. In the most ¬†harsh cases you may need to contact a soil engineer to investigate the deepness and direction of the subsurface water.

If you notice moisture in your crawlspace however, this can mean mold and mildew are present. Did you know that as much as fifty percent of air that we breathe in our home comes from either our basement or our crawlspace? So if you have mold and mildew in your crawlspace that means you are breathing it in most likely. We can install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from building up in your crawlspace. Crawlspace encapsulation will ensure that your crawlspace is neither wet or musty. We also offer dehumidification solutions at WCI Basement Repair. We really do have a full line of services that can prevent a wet and musty crawlspace. There is definitely a solution that is catered to your specific needs. So keep your family breathing healthy and safe air, and keep your crawlspace dry, so that you can use the space to the fullest. Call WCI Basement Repair today!

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