Foundation repair and basement waterproofing Fort Dodge, IowaFoundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Fort Dodge, Iowa

Midwestern rains lead to runoff and potential flooding.  Being located in the northwestern part of Iowa, Fort Dodge is no stranger to these and many more issues that arise from the extensive spring rains.  When the rains come in and the waters start to run, you want to know that you have the waterproofing experts available at a moment’s notice.

WCI can install basement waterproofing in Fort Dodge, IA quickly and professionally. WCI Basement Repair is the experts you need. We offer exterior and interior basement waterproofing solutions to keep your home moisture-free. The interior waterproofing systems are designed to clear water out of the home, while the exterior waterproofing system works on preventing water from entering the home in the first place. When used together, these solutions help to reduce moisture in the basement and keep it from becoming an even bigger problem in the future. We also offer crawlspace encapsulation with vapor barriers to give your crawlspace some protection from moisture in the soil.

Whether it is a faulty egress window, a cracked foundation repair, or an issue with excessive runoff pooling in the crawl space under your home, we will be able to fix it up in a timely manner and have your home back to a dry and healthy state in no time.

“Your staff was friendly. I approved of your design to solve my problem. I liked your method better than others. Your crew was courteous and the clean-up was good.”

Fort Dodge, IA

Foundation Repair Options in Fort Dodge, IA

Foundation Repair in Fort Dodge, IAIf you are in need of foundation repair for your Fort Dodge, Iowa home, we can help with that too. Foundation problems occur when the soil under and around your home starts to move and shift. This soil movement can cause the concrete above to shift, settle, and crack. If these problems are apparent in your home, you should invest in a foundation repair solution from WCI Basement Repair right away, as problems that are left alone longer may become worse over time.

We can lift and stabilize your home with ease using our many foundation repair solutions. Some of these solutions that we offer for your home include:

Basement Waterproofing Fort Dodge, IowaPush piers and helical piers are used to support settling foundations, while wall anchors are used for your bowing walls. We drive our steel piers through the ground deep down into the stable rock. This will make your footings more secure with less chance of your home moving or leaning ever again.

You can have your home in its original position again with help from our experts. Call WCI today to schedule your appointment. Get a free estimate by contacting us through our website or giving us a call.

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“I found your company online and felt your office staff was very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased with Scott’s design and recommendations. The crew did a great job and everyone was very nice! They did a very good job on the clean-up. I would recommend you to anyone who needed your services. I was very satisfied with the price and the job that was done! Thank You!”

Fort Dodge, IA


“I ran across your company when doing a google search and found your office staff to be very nice. I appreciate the email option for communication. Scott seemed knowledgeable and what he said made sense. I got 3 estimates for my project. WCI and another were almost the same amount. The 3rd was almost double. Scott didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t want and that is the reason I chose your company over the others. Brian and the entire installation crew were very considerate. They took boots off before coming in the house and basement. They were very courteous throughout the project. I also appreciate your taking responsibility with the plumbing issues. Thank you!”

Fort Dodge, IA


“Your office staff was always available, helpful and conscientious. Your designer was thoughtful, customized and well-explained. Your crew was polite, considerate, helpful and efficient. WCI did GREAT! Thanks!”

Don & Sarah
Fort Dodge, IA


“We found your company after doing an internet search. Your office staff was very helpful and polite. Scott was very thorough with his explanation. We chose your company over others because you were less expensive and your company would do the fill in and others would not. Your installation crew was courteous to our staff and very considerate of our tenants. The clean-up was good.”

Garden Village Apartments
Fort Dodge, IA


“We heard of your company at the Fort Dodge Home Show and everyone in your company is great to deal with and professional. Scott showed up on time, early actually. His plan and design for the system worked out wonderfully. Your crew was absolutely courteous. One of them even moved my wife’s car for her. Your clean-up was perfect. We got 6 inches of rain 2 days after you left and we are bone dry. I would be happy to be a reference for your company.”

Jonathan & Andrea
Fort Dodge, IA


“We had seen your booth at the Fort Dodge Home show for years and you seemed professional, knowledgeable and reputable. After our initial appointment we began looking at your website and your online reviews sealed our decision. Your crew was very professional and hardworking! My husband said they knew what they were doing and began dropping cloths on the floor and covering furniture upon entry .. Yeah! They were very courteous! As for your clean-up, it’s as though you guys were never here. You vacuumed my stairs and left it cleaner than before! We were very happy there was no mess to clean up, crew was nice and hardworking, it only took two days and best of all … no more water! We’ve already bragged to a few people about your company!”

Travis & Brianne
Fort Dodge, IA


“My neighbor referred me to your company. Your office staff was always pleasant and helpful. Scott explained everything to be done and why. He was very nice. I chose your company because I had talked to others who were pleased with your services and your quote was the most cost effective. Your installation crew was very nice and worked hard. They were very courteous and their cleanup was excellent. It was an overall excellent experience.”

Fort Dodge, IA


“My beautician was raised in Carroll and her husband referred me to your company. Scott, who by the way answered my phone call at 6:15am, was pleasant and accommodating. Brian and his workers were efficient and VERY courteous! The office women were professional and helpful as well. Your recommendation for my wall was not too elaborate or skimpy – perfect – comes to my mind. I chose your company because of your price AND product. WCI was between $800 – $1000 less expensive, and the inside plating used was larger in size, and in my opinion capable of greater results. My basement certainly looked cleaner AFTER the WCI workers were finished. I won’t be afraid to purchase rental property that has bowing walls as WCI has the solution!! Thank You!”

Fort Dodge, IA


“I read about your company in the newspaper and am happy that I chose you to do the waterproofing in my basement. I went with your company mostly because of the price and the clear explanation of the work that was going to be done. Scott’s recommendations made sense to me. I was pleasantly surprised that the work would only take a few days. Your installers were courteous gentleman and their cleanup was great. The basement has never been cleaner! Thank you for all the extras your men helped with!”

Fort Dodge, IA


“I wanted to say what a great job your team did in my basement today. You have a great professional work crew, the nicest guys you could ask for! I was very impressed with the cleanup. I’ve had workers in the past that left a mess and I really appreciated how well your crew cleaned up. I chose WCI because of the cost and that you could do the work inside, and not have to dig up my yard. I would recommend your company to everyone who has a problem in their basement like I did. Thank you so much!!!”

Fort Dodge, IA