Wet Basement IA

What Causes a Wet Basement in IA? After a heavy rainstorm, do you dread walking into your basement because you know it will be wet?  You are not alone. Many homeowners will experience a wet basement at one time or another. Wet basements can be caused by all sorts of problems, but no matter what […]

Foundation Crack Repair IA

Why Do You Need Foundation Crack Repair in IA? No matter what the age of your home is, foundation cracks can pose a serious threat to your home. If you notice wall cracks in your basement, be cautious. Use your judgement to decide if the crack is big enough to cause issues and require professional […]

Drainage System Iowa

Drainage System Iowa – Exterior and Interior Drainage Solutions Having a good  exterior and  interior drainage system are your best methods for preventing wet basements in Iowa. By installing both systems, it reduces the amount of stress on your home. At WCI, we offer excellent waterproofing systems that will keep your home safe in case […]

Concrete Floor Crack Repair Iowa

Concrete Floor Crack Repair Iowa Walking into your garage or basement, we really tend never to notice the imperfections that have always been there. We see cracks in our basement or garage, we think, “Oh, no big deal. They’ve always been there. I always see cracks in people’s garages.” and yeah, it might not be a […]

Basement Wall Waterproofing Iowa

Basement Wall Waterproofing Iowa In Iowa, we’ve all experienced that dreadful walk to our basement after a heavy rain. That final step down reveals that our basement floor is damp. Sometimes, we can even see water seeping in through cracks in our basement walls. To avoid this hassle, allow professionals to waterproof your basement. Tactics […]

Basement Wall Repair Iowa

Basement Wall Repair Iowa Your basement walls can provide clues as to whether or not you need wall repairs. These clues include leaning walls, cracks in the walls, or water leaking in through cracks in bottom of walls. While the issue may seem small at first, the results may be severe. If you notice these […]

Sloped Floor Repair Iowa

Sloped Floor Repair Iowa Have you ever set a marble on your floor and watched it roll away from you, picking up speed as it goes? Do you think your eyes are playing tricks at you when you take a look at your floors because they seems uneven? If so, you may have a problem […]

Sump Pump Repair Iowa

Sump Pump Repair Iowa It’s that time of year again! The birds are back, the grass is green, the weather is getting warmer and spring cleaning is essential! During springtime, heavy rainfalls are inevitable. Your foundation and home need proper waterproofing to prevent water damage. Water can get into your basement and damage everything in […]

Leaky Basement Iowa

Leaky Basement Iowa Our basements may hold lots of important items for us. Whether its a “man cave,” stored home decorations, or memories in the form of photos, we don’t want water to take a toll on them. A leaky basement in Iowa can not only harm your personal items, but your homes foundation as well. […]

Cracks in foundation Iowa

Cracks in foundation Iowa Cracks in your walls and floors are not an unusual sight. While you may overlook them at first, they can cause pressing issues down the road. What starts as a small crack can grow overtime to cause foundation issues and water leakage. Don’t worry, though. There are precautions you can take […]