Sloped Floor Repair Iowa

Have you ever set a marble on your floor and watched it roll away from you, picking up speed as it goes? Do you think your eyes are playing tricks at you when you take a look at your floors because they seems uneven? If so, you may have a problem with sloping floors. Sloping floors, uneven floors, and cracked floors are all a sign of a much bigger problem: a settling foundation. WCI Basement Repair is your sloped floor repair Iowa provider.

A settling foundation can be caused by a few strange factors. If a tree is planted nearby your home, its roots may be causing issues by growing into your foundation. We all know Iowa is known for its constantly changing weather. When the soils surrounding your home are expanding and compacting with the weather, it can be hard on your home’s foundation. If your soil was not properly compacted when your house was constructed, it may be causing settlement now.

Structural Repair Iowa

No matter what the cause of this foundation settlement, WCI professionals can help you out. By using steel push piers, your home’s planned elevation can be maintained. The push piers hold your home up despite falling soils. Other forms of foundation repair may be the right choice for your home’s settlement issues, too. Our experts will be able to observe your problem and come up with the appropriate method of solution.

Keep this in mind when buying a home. Sloping floors are very common in older homes. You may find an older home that fits your expectations, but make sure to see that the floors are even before falling in love with it. Newer homes may even have sloping floors, though. If the soils weren’t properly taken care of during construction, settlement may occur prematurely.

If you notice sloping floors in your home, don’t fret. Foundation repair experts will be able to solve your problem with the most appropriate technique.

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