Basement Wall Waterproofing Iowa

In Iowa, we’ve all experienced that dreadful walk to our basement after a heavy rain. That final step down reveals that our basement floor is damp. Sometimes, we can even see water seeping in through cracks in our basement walls. To avoid this hassle, allow professionals to waterproof your basement. Tactics like properly working gutters, downspout extensions, proper grading, free flowing exterior drain systems, heavy duty sump pumps, sealed interior drainage systems, wall crack repair, and a stable foundation can all help to waterproof your basement. Without taking these measures, water can be extremely dangerous to your basement, not to mention your homes value. No one wants to walk down to a basement full of water. No worries, we are your basement wall waterproofing Iowa service provider.

Basement Wall Leak Iowa

Water can cause problems for basements in many ways. The following are all causes of wet basements: poor drainage, poor exterior drainage systems, plumbing leaks, poor sump pumps, poor building site preparation, not enough internal drainage, a poor foundation, and wall cracks. Wall cracks can be caused over time when they hold too much pressure or by the settlement of their structure. These cracks are a main cause of wet basements because they allow water to easily seep in. They may even cause mold and mildew issues. While foundation repair may be necessary to fix these cracks, basement wall waterproofing can help fix your immediate leaking issues.

Fine cracks can be fixed by crack injection. This will immediately stop the flow of water into your basement. Another way to attack leaking is to stop the water before it even has a chance to get into your home. Exterior drainage systems redirect water so that it doesn’t reach your foundation.

If the water still does make it to your basement, an interior drainage system can carry the water already in your basement out.

All of these solutions can help you be confident that no matter what the rainfall is outside, your basement will be dry.

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