Basement Wall Repair Iowa

Your basement walls can provide clues as to whether or not you need wall repairs. These clues include leaning walls, cracks in the walls, or water leaking in through cracks in bottom of walls. While the issue may seem small at first, the results may be severe. If you notice these signs, basement wall repair may be in order. Various solutions can fix these problems. By using wall anchors, push piers, helical piers, and tie backs, professionals can ease your foundation worries. We are your basement wall repair Iowa service provider.

Over time, walls may bow or crack because they are putting up with too much pressure. Water can cause issues, too, whether it be inadequate drainage or waterproofing. Another cause of basement wall failure can be its original construction and design. While waterproofing measures can be taken (proper gutters, new sump pumps, new drain systems, etc,) professionals can protect your home’s structure with piers, anchors, and tie backs.

Wall Repair Iowa

Helical piers are similar to a large screw. They can be installed so that they are anchored into deeper soil, providing stronger support. Helical piers are easy to install and can be installed without doing much damage to the work site. The can easily be tested to check their capacity.

Push piers, also known as steel piers, mini-piles, or resistance piers, can be used much like helical piers. They are an cost effective and permanent choice. Push piers are also individually tested when installed, so you can be confident that they are doing their job.

Wall anchors are an economical choice to fix cracked or bowing walls in Iowa basements. These anchors secure and stabilize your walls by using contraction against the outside soils. They are are quick to install, too! In fact, usually they can be put in in less than a day!

Lastly, tie backs can be used to stabilize basement walls. Tie backs are a type of helical anchor. They take the pressure from a bowing wall and transfer it to external soil that can support it. Tie backs are set at an angle into the ground and connected to the basement wall, so they can take the load from the wall.

These different techniques can all be used for basement wall repair in Iowa. So if you are seeing the signs of failing walls, know foundation repair can help.

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