Leaky Basement Iowa

Our basements may hold lots of important items for us. Whether its a “man cave,” stored home decorations, or memories in the form of photos, we don’t want water to take a toll on them. A leaky basement in Iowa can not only harm your personal items, but your homes foundation as well. There are some tell tale signs that your basement may need some waterproofing, as well as ways that professionals at WCI Basement Repair can help. We are you leaky basement Iowa solution. 

Water Leak Detection Iowa

If you notice cracks in your basement walls, you may be just a heavy rain away from leaking. Also, another place to look for water seeping into your basement is corners and the bases of your walls. Poorly functioning gutters and downspouts may be a cause of a wet basement, too. Make sure to check to see if your gutters are clogged by leaves or dirt. Also make sure your sump pumps are up-to-date and properly functioning. If you notice mold in your basement, that’s a key sign that water is getting in and doing damage.

Water can make its way into your basement from several sources:

  1. Surface water running down your walls
  2. Water from saturated soils
  3. Storm sewer system
  4. Drains backing up

If any of these have caused a leaky basement for you, there are solutions. In order to get existing water out and prevent future water from getting in, waterproofing techniques must be used. Properly working gutters are necessary which may mean replaces the old ones. Downspout extensions lead water away from the base of your home, allowing it to soak into the soil rather than your basement. Exterior and interior drain systems and sump pumps are another solution. Lastly, fixing cracked walls can prevent water from seeping in. In some cases, foundation repair may be needed.

Leaky basements can be a nightmare, but with WCI Basement Repair’s help, your basement will be dry as ever.

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