Sump Pump Repair Iowa

It’s that time of year again! The birds are back, the grass is green, the weather is getting warmer and spring cleaning is essential! During springtime, heavy rainfalls are inevitable. Your foundation and home need proper waterproofing to prevent water damage. Water can get into your basement and damage everything in its path. This includes your carpet, drywall, and electrical appliances. That’s why we offer quality sump pumps at WCI Foundation Repair. Sump pumps are reliable, increase the value of your home, and create a safe environment for your family. If you need sump pump repair in Iowa, contact our skilled contractors.

What is a sump pump? It is a waterproofing system that is installed into your basement. It collects excess water in your basement and/or crawlspace. This doesn’t mean that it will prevent flooding in your basement, but it controls water levels by reducing the risk of flooding. In conjunction with an exterior waterproofing system or an interior waterproofing system, it will provide total waterproofing coverage.

Flooded Basement Iowa

With the rainy season coming this spring and summer, take all the necessary precautions against flooding. Summer storms causes power outages. We offer battery backup sump pumps, that continues to work even if your power goes out. If you have no power and your regular sump pump isn’t working, the battery sump pump will take charge and protect your home against rainwater.  During the winter, we offer freeze guards, which protect your discharge lines from freezing.

Having an adequate sump pump is prominent. Call us for sump pump repairs in Iowa! We are a reliable waterproofing company that offers quality sump pumps for Iowa residents.

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