Does Encapsulating your Crawlspace Work as Insulation?

Encapsulating Crawlspace in Iowa as Insulation? Normally, people only install vapor barriers in their crawlspaces to do just what the name suggests – block out water vapor. However, these handy crawlspace encapsulation devices can also be used for another purpose. If you are looking for a way to seal your crawlspace against water vapor and […]

When Buying Your Iowa Dream Home, Beware of Foundation Problems

Homebuyer Foundation Problems in Iowa Are you buying a home in Iowa? If so, it is vital that you carefully inspect the home for any signs of damage to the foundation. Foundation problems are a scary issue and are not something that you want to deal with in your new home. It is important to […]

Can I Waterproof My Iowa Basement with Paint?

Waterproof Paint for Iowa Basements After a storm, do you have water in your Iowa basement? Most homeowners panic because they have to replace carpet and personal possessions. On the internet, they search for  quick, easy solutions only to find that the problem still exists. One popular DIY basement waterproofing method is waterproofing paints. It’s […]

Severe Weather in the Midwest Means Basement Waterproofing in Iowa

Severe Weather and Basement Waterproofing in Iowa Heavy rains associated with Midwest storms can cause major damage fast. Water can damage basement walls and floors, carpet and furniture pretty quickly. Not only does water cause structural damage, it promotes mold growth. If you are experiencing a flooded basement after severe weather, it’s imperative to determine […]

Crawlspace Vapor Barriers & Encapsulation Prevent Mold & Mildew in Iowa

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Iowa If you have a crawlspace in your Iowa home or business, the spring season is a good time to check it to make sure it is dry. With the snow melt and the spring rains coming, you need to make sure that your crawlspace is not wet. A wet crawlspace can […]

How a Moisture Barrier Can Save your Iowa Home

How a Moisture Barrier Can Save your Iowa Home If your home has a crawlspace, it is usually a place that is often ignored. However, many crawlspaces suffer from poor moisture management if not taken care of. Some of the symptoms of a wet crawlspace are: Musty odors in the living areas Condensation on air […]

Springtime Thaw Means Wet Basements in Iowa

Springtime Thaw Means Wet Basements in Iowa The winter in Iowa brought some days of heavy snow and it has stayed around until recently as the temperature has warmed up. Now all of the snow that was around your home has begun to thaw. This thawing and with the spring typically bring some heavy rains, […]

Why Freezing and Thawing of Ice Could be Your Enemy

Foundation Problems from Freezing and Thawing in Iowa Though it is not one of the  problems that many people often consider a great threat, freezing and thawing during the winter months can be very detrimental to your home’s foundation. When the water in the soil around your home starts to freeze and thaw repetitively, it […]

The Best Drainage? Interior & Exterior Systems from WCI

Combining Interior and Exterior Drainage for Your Iowa Home Which solution is best for your Iowa home, interior or exterior drainage? Some homeowners think that they should choose one or the other for basement waterproofing – the truth is, your home is best protected from basement water problems with a combination of both interior and […]

The Benefits of a French Drain for Your Iowa Home

French Drains for Basement Waterproofing in Iowa French drains are part of the exterior drainage system that is designed to channel water away from the foundation of your home. This prevents the water from pooling around the foundation and causing crumbling and deterioration of the concrete. Water gathered around the foundation may also lead to […]