French Drains for Basement Waterproofing in Iowa

French drains are part of the exterior drainage system that is designed to channel water away from the foundation of your home. This prevents the water from pooling around the foundation and causing crumbling and deterioration of the concrete. Water gathered around the foundation may also lead to erosion, which can cause the foundation to settle or sink from a lack of supporting soil beneath. If you are considering putting a French drain in your yard, contact the basement waterproofing contractors at WCI Basement Repair today.

What is a French drain? These drainage devices are essentially ditches filled with gravel. The French drain is usually around 2 feet deep, and at least 2 feet wide, though it can be wider or more narrow. Once the drain is installed, it cannot be seen, making it a great option for many homeowners who do not wish to have bulky equipment and pipes in their yards. French drains are normally installed in areas where the soil is marshy or where large puddles and pools of water are common. By installing a French drain, you are giving the water an outlet so that it can be carried away from the home, preventing a wet basement from developing.

Benefits of a French Drain for Your Iowa Home

There are several benefits to installing a French drain to keep water away from your home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Removes Excess Soil Moisture: French drains are good for boggy or marshy areas in your yard, since they reduce the density of the soil to allow water to drain away from that area.
  • Good Drainage Option: Water collecting around the home can be eliminated with the installation of a French drain. The drain moves the water from a higher location to somewhere lower where it will not affect your foundation.
  • Affordable Solution: Because they are a rather simple drainage solution, French drains are usually less expensive than many other basement drainage solutions.
  • Quick Installation: The simple design of French drains make them relatively easy and quick to install. The professionals at WCI Basement Repair can install a French drain in no time.

French drains are also great for relieving the pressure in the soil around your home. If the hydrostatic pressure from water in the ground can push on your foundation and cause the concrete to crack and shift. Reducing this pressure with a French drain can help to keep your foundation more stable and free of damage.

If you are considering installing a French drain for your Iowa home, contact the experts at WCI Basement Repair right away.

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