Waterproof Paint for Iowa Basements

After a storm, do you have water in your Iowa basement? Most homeowners panic because they have to replace carpet and personal possessions. On the internet, they search for  quick, easy solutions only to find that the problem still exists. One popular DIY basement waterproofing method is waterproofing paints. It’s a cheap, easy fix that is cheaper than hiring a professional waterproofing company. But does it work? At WCI Basement Repair, we’ll help you identify the pros and cons of waterproofing paints and other waterproofing alternatives for wet basements in Iowa.

Pros and Cons of Waterproofing Paints in Iowa

What are waterproofing paints? Waterproof paints are water-resistant paints used to prevent moisture from entering the walls. These paints adhere to concrete or wood surfaces, including bathrooms and basements. They are often made from latex, oil or concrete base. Because they are a quick alternative, they are beneficial in eliminating wet basements. Other pros include:

  • Lowers musty odors by sealing basement walls
  • Reduces humidity by minimizing moisture behind the paint surface
  • Prevents water from entering the basement by holding moisture
  • Contains a protective surface that prevents paint from chipping off when cleaned

In addition to pros, there are also cons to using waterproofing paints. Some disadvantages include:

  • Not true waterproofing
  • They only hold moisture
  • Temporary solution
  • Causes shelling, flaking and blistering
  • Creates efflorescence caused by moisture
  • Generates hydrostatic pressure due to moisture buildup
  • Only adheres to clean, dry surfaces
  • Does not fix wall cracks and other openings

As you can see when it comes to true waterproofing, waterproofing paints aren’t a permanent solution. They may help get rid of odors and humidity, but they won’t fix the problem which is usually caused by soil issues.

What are the common factors of soil issues? Soil-related problems are caused by many factors, but the most prevalent include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Plumbing leaks or broken pipes
  • Poor soil compaction
  • Poor building site preparation
  • Weak or improperly sized sump pumps
  • Foundation settlement

If you have soil-related issues around your home, the probability for a wet basement are high. Let our waterproofing specialist locate the source of your soil problems to prevent future foundation settlement and a flooded basement.

Basement Waterproofing Alternatives for Iowa Homes

WCI offers several basement waterproofing options for homes in Iowa. Our methods include:

  • Interior Drainage: A water management system that relieves excess water from around and underneath the foundation.
  • Exterior Drainage: Uses a drainage system to redirect water away from the foundation
  • Sump Pits: Its unique bell shape collects large amounts of water and helps the sump pump run more efficiently
  • Sump Pumps/Battery Back-up Pumps: Removes water that has accumulated in the sump basin
  • French Drain: Helps direct surface ground water away from the foundation. Also, can be used behind retaining walls to minimize ground pressure.
  • Surface Drainage: Involves a drainage system to control hard surface runoff and low spots in the yard

Our waterproofing methods help collect water and drain it away from your home. For quality service and effective waterproofing, contact our experts today. Quick, cheap waterproofing paints may look enticing, but they are only temporary solutions. Contact us today if you need a permanent waterproofing solution for your Iowa home.

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