Combining Interior and Exterior Drainage for Your Iowa Home

Interior Drainage SolutionWhich solution is best for your Iowa home, interior or exterior drainage? Some homeowners think that they should choose one or the other for basement waterproofing – the truth is, your home is best protected from basement water problems with a combination of both interior and exterior waterproofing systems. Because both kinds of systems target different areas, it is important to have both. This ensures that water is removed from your basement and kept away from your foundation. For more details, contact the team at WCI Basement Repair right away.

There are several common issues that can cause water to collect in your basement and in your yard. Some of these problems include:

Wet or flooded basements can be caused by a large amount of water entering the basement. This may happen if your home is suffering from a foundation issue such as foundation cracks, shifting, or settlement. water seepage, damp crawlspaces and basements, and leaky basements can result in mold or mildew growth and are often the result of small cracks in the foundation walls or of water seeping directly through the concrete.

Interior and Exterior Drainage Systems in Iowa from WCI

To fix these problems and prevent them from occurring again, it is important to use a variety of waterproofing techniques. The first of these techniques is known as exterior waterproofing. This is the installation of systems such as French drains, gutters, downspouts, waterproof foundation membranes, and sheet drains. These types of drainage systems are used to reroute water that has started to pool in your yard, preventing these puddles of water from causing damage to your foundation. Foundation membranes can also keep groundwater away from the foundation walls, while French drains help to reduce pressure in the soil.

Interior waterproofing is the next step in the basement waterproofing process. This system includes pipes and drain channels that collect water runoff in the basement and the sump pump system. The sump pump system consists of the sump pit or basin, which is where basement water is stored; the sump pump, which pumps water out of the basement; and often a battery backup sump pump to take over when the power goes out or assist the sump pump when there is too much water for it to handle coming in the basement.

By using combinations of these systems, you can remove water from your basement and keep it from coming back anytime soon. Another helpful waterproofing technique is crawlspace encapsulation, the installation of a vapor barrier along the walls of the basement or crawlspace to seal out moisture and prevent seepage.

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