Flooded Basement Iowa

Flooded Basement Repair

No matter if your home is old or new, big or small, a flooded basement is one of the most inconvenient problems to have. A flooded basement can destroy anything you have stored like decorations or photo albums. If you have a remodeled basement, the damage can be even worse. Mold and mildew can form over time if your basement is consistently wet. Flooding can even stain and ruin walls, floors, and ceilings. Simply put, a flooded basement is a pain. We are here to help you target the cause of your flooded basement, help you clean up the problem, and prevent it from happening again in the future. We are your basement waterproofing in IA solution. We are located in Carroll, IA but serve the entire area.

Flooded Basement Solutions

There are many possible causes of a flooded basement. Poor drainage can contribute if your gutters aren’t working properly or your downspouts don’t lead water far enough away from your foundation. If your exterior drain system is plugged, it may flood your basement. If your sump pump isn’t doing its job, water may back up into your basement, rather than be directed outside. Wall cracks caused by excessive hydrostatic pressure or foundation failure can let water seep into your home. If your area receives heavy rains, these cracks will allow for basement flooding. Many times, a poor foundation is the cause of basement flooding because various cracks in the floors and walls let water into your home.

If a weak foundation is the cause of the flooding, foundation repair may be the answer. For less severe problems though, we have various waterproofing solutions. We can install both exterior and interior drainage systems. A sump pump and pit are key to keeping a dry basement. We can also fill the cracks in your walls, make sure your gutters are working properly and put downspout extensions on your downspouts to make sure water is being directed far enough from your home’s foundation. No matter what the cause of your flooded basement in your Iowa home, let us put your mind at ease, we will be able to help. Give WCI Basement Repair a call today!