Water Damage Repair in Iowa

Wet Basement Repair Iowa

Wet Basement Repair Iowa

When your residential home or business experiences water damage, fast action is a must. Your quick timing is the most important factor to reduce or eliminate structural damage or mold growth. Checking for basement wall leaks in your Iowa home on a regular basis will eliminate expensive repairs in the future.

Immediately after water damage occurs you have 48 hours to restore it. Contact us at WCI right away to help you take action against any further damage. We are your basement waterproofing Iowa service provider located in Carroll, IA and serve the entire area.

Here are some tips

  • If your home or business water damage wasn’t caused by a flood first find out where the water is coming. You might have a pipe that burst. If you think this is the case immediately shut off your water to your home. If it’s your roof try as best as you can from leaking until you can get professional help.
  • If your drywall, floors, or ceiling has been damaged you probably want to call in a professional. If your damage is somewhat small you may be able to do the cleanup yourself.
  • Once you spot water damage open a door to get fresh air through the area. Get a fan and set it up in that area if you have one. Open windows, turn on ceiling fans, to help reduce the smell later.
  • You may want to invest in a dehumidifier. This will take the assess moisture out of the air. Just remember to check and empty it often because of all the moisture it won’t take long to fill. or hook up a hose to the backend of the dehumidifier and put the other end of the hose by your drain.
  • Pick up all the paper, books, movies, move your furniture out of the way. If any of them are heavily damaged get rid of them. Make photocopies of papers. If you have something valuable that is severely damaged put that in your freezer and ask a professional is it can be saved.
  • Get out your wet/dry van and try to get as much as the water as you can be sucked up. This works well on carpet and upholstery. For other surfaces, you may use a detergent.

Waterproofing Iowa Solutions

Once you have a plan for repair for your wet basement, you may want to consider installing a waterproofing solution in your Iowa home from the team at WCI. We can inspect your basement or crawlspace, and find a waterproofing solution that is right for you. We have a wide selection of waterproofing tools, including sump pumps, sump pits, sump basins, french drains, interior and exterior drainage, and more. So consider contacting WCI, and prevent having to perform wet basement repairs again any time soon. For all your waterproofing Iowa needs, count on WCI Basement Repair, because you matter to us, and so does quality.