Foundation Repair, Wet Basement Repair, and Basement Waterproofing Done Right in Iowa

Do you have a wet basement? Do you have cracks in your basement? At WCI Basement Repair we offer IA foundation repair, wet basement repair, and basement waterproofing services. We can fix your wet basement and straighten your bowing walls. To eliminate your IA wet basement, we are your locally owned basement waterproofing service provider.

Foundation Repair

In Iowa, homes can suffer from soil-related issues. Some of these issues are caused by poor compaction, overloading, poor basement waterproofing or soil erosion. These soil-related conditions can produce stresses that damage your foundation in your home. Weather and outside conditions can also play a huge role in your home’s foundation. If you don’t have proper waterproofing, did you know that heavy rainfalls can cause a pool of water around your foundation? This can cause pressure to build up on your basement walls. You could have basement wall damage. Look around your home for cracks in the drywall, gaps around doors/windows, water leaks, and bowing walls. These are indications that your foundation is changing. What is the solution? At WCI Basement Repair, we can repair your foundation with our ECP solutions before the problem gets worse.

Our foundation repair solutions include wall anchors, push piers, helical piers, and underpinning. Each repair solution has benefits. Wall anchors are cost-effective solutions for repairing bowed basement walls or cracked foundations. They are used to fix walls that have extreme signs of failure such as crumbling and partial collapsing walls. Push piers are used to repair foundation walls, a leaning chimney or cracking bricks. They are designed to support maximum weight of the defective structure. Helical piers also have many advantages. During the installation process, they have little to no vibration. They are designed for structural slab support and stabilize concrete slab with poor soil conditions. To re-support and strengthen your existing home, we use foundation underpinning. It is used to fix unstable foundations.

If you need foundation repair, you are not alone. Our team of professionals can repair your problems right away. We can keep your family safe. We are your foundation repair team.

IA Wet Basement Repair

During heavy rainfalls, are you constantly checking your basement for flooding? Stop worrying about basement flooding by contacting WCI. At WCI Basement Repair, we offer waterproofing solutions to eliminate flooding. We are your IA wet basement repair team.

Before waterproofing your basement, try to prevent future water problems. First, check your gutters for debris and leaves. Make sure you have downspout extensions and a free flowing exterior drainage system. Is your sump pump working? Install a heavy duty sump pump. Wall cracks can also be an issue causing major water leaks. This can create a water path for water to enter your home. Seal your interior drainage system. Make sure your foundation is stable with proper grading.

Take all of these preventable measures to avoid future water problems. After all, water is the number one enemy. To avoid a wet basement in Iowa, having a good water management system installed is your first line of defense.

If you notice water damage, we can assist you with quality service. Our trained professionals can assess your basement waterproofing and offer the best solution for your basement. We offer high quality ECP products such as heavy duty sump pumps, sump pits, and battery back-ups. Contact WCI for all your wet basement repairs. To repair your IA wet basement, we offer the best basement waterproofing services.

Basement Waterproofing Done Right in Iowa

If you don’t have basement waterproofing, your home can experience foundation damages and mold/mildew problems. Make sure you have a good waterproofing system to divert water away from your home. At WCI, we offer solutions to waterproof your IA wet basement. We can install interior drainage systems, french drains, battery back-up pumps, sump pumps, sump pits, and exterior drainage systems. Our trained professionals can also use dehumidification to reduce the moisture levels in your basement. If you use your basement as living space, high humidity levels can be dangerous to your health. High levels cause mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Your home is your biggest investment, so why not take care of it. Repair your foundation if you see cracks. If you have water leaks or a malfunctioning sump pump, waterproof your IA wet basement before it is too late. Prevent future damages, by contacting our team of professionals today.

WCI is a locally owned company based in Carroll, Iowa. Our service area covers most of Iowa. Cities include, but not limited to:

Carroll, Iowa
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Sioux City Iowa
Ames, Iowa
Des Moines, Iowa

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