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Springtime Thaw Means Wet Basements in Iowa

Springtime Thaw Means Wet Basements in Iowa The winter in Iowa brought some days of heavy snow and it has stayed around until recently as the temperature has warmed up. Now all of the snow that was around your home has begun to thaw. This thawing and with the spring typically bring some heavy rains, […]

The Best Drainage? Interior & Exterior Systems from WCI

Combining Interior and Exterior Drainage for Your Iowa Home Which solution is best for your Iowa home, interior or exterior drainage? Some homeowners think that they should choose one or the other for basement waterproofing – the truth is, your home is best protected from basement water problems with a combination of both interior and […]

The Benefits of a French Drain for Your Iowa Home

French Drains for Basement Waterproofing in Iowa French drains are part of the exterior drainage system that is designed to channel water away from the foundation of your home. This prevents the water from pooling around the foundation and causing crumbling and deterioration of the concrete. Water gathered around the foundation may also lead to […]

Solve Wet Basement Problems in Iowa with WCI

Water in the Basement Causes and Solutions for Wet Basements Heading downstairs to do a load of laundry and discovering water can really ruin your day. The flooding of Iowa basements can occur at any time and it can happen in every home, even if your basement has never had water before. Most flooding happens […]

Are Window Well Covers All I Need to Protect My Egress Windows in Iowa?

Are Window Well Covers All I Need to Protect My Egress Windows in Iowa? Maintaining a Safe Window Well Area We all are aware that an egress window is an essential part of your Iowa basement’s living space. As set by the National Building Code, all basement bedrooms are required to have at least one […]

Add Living Space to Your Iowa Basement with Egress Windows

Add Living Space to Your Iowa Basement with Egress Windows Egress Windows Are a Necessary Safety Requirement Safety is the main reason for installing egress windows in your Iowa basement and are also required in order to comply with various building codes and regulations. When egress windows are installed they are usually accompanied by a […]

What is a Trench Drain, and How Can it Benefit your Iowa Home?

 Getting to know a Trench Drain A trench drain, also referred to as a French drain, is a trench that is filled with gravel or rock and a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from a home foundation. This system for water drainage was popularized by a lawyer in Massachusetts by the […]

You are Your Iowa Home’s Best Advocate – Inspect your Basement and Foundation Today

Help Protect Your Home from Foundation Cracks and a Wet Basement Do you have foundation cracks in your Iowa home? Do you have water leakage in your basement? Droughts could be the cause. Droughts in Iowa are not only hurting crops and lawns, they are destroying your home’s foundation. Hot, dry soil conditions cause the […]

Spring can Mean Wet Basements in Iowa

What are we in for after this Iowa Winter? Iowa’s weather can be unpredictable, especially during the winter months. Temperatures may rise and fall giving you little time to protect your home from the damaging affects of snow and ice. As spring approaches, the snow and ice begin to melt. This causes water to accumulate […]

Maximize Your Storage Space with a Dry Crawlspace

Wet Crawlspace Means No Storage Space A wet crawlspace can become a big problem to not only the structure of your home, but to the health of everyone living there. Crawlspaces are dark and usually have poor ventilation. With the addition of moisture, it becomes an ideal space for mold to grow. Mold and mildew can […]