Help Protect Your Home from Foundation Cracks and a Wet Basement

Do you have foundation cracks in your Iowa home? Do you have water leakage in your basement? Droughts could be the cause. Droughts in Iowa are not only hurting crops and lawns, they are destroying your home’s foundation. Hot, dry soil conditions cause the ground around and underneath the home to contract and pull away from the foundation. This leads to shifting and settling over time. As homes settle, cracks form throughout walls and floors. Windows and doors become hard to close, and gaps form around windows. If you notice any of these signs, you may be experiencing foundation failure. Not only do cracks destroy the home’s structure, they are the main cause of water seepage. Water puddles, standing water, and water leaks in your basement are just a few signs of potential water damage due to small cracks. Drought-like conditions can also pose problems for garages, porches and other slab surfaces. To eliminate further damage, the best solution is to contact WCI Basement Repair. We offer quality, effective methods to protect your home from foundation cracks and wet basements in Iowa. Our team of experts will locate the source of your basement cracks, and provide a solution to meet your home’s needs.

As a homeowner, you are the best advocate when it comes to preventing and identifying water damage caused by foundation failure. Excess water isn’t the only cause of settlement. Settlement can be caused by dry spells when maturing trees and shrubs absorb too much moisture, leading to soil shrinkage and settlement. This is problematic in Iowa especially during dry summer months. However, there are ways you can help minimize foundation issues during drought-like conditions. The key is to keep the soil around your house hydrated. This includes:

  • Water the soil about a foot away from the foundation until it’s moist. Try to prevent saturating the ground. This would keep dehydrated trees from contracting the soil.
  • Examine the soil by digging a hole about 6 inches deep. If the soil is dry, then it needs water.
  • Plant or transplant trees and shrubs at least 10 feet away from the foundation so dehydrating roots won’t suck up water from underneath your foundation during dry spells.
  • Clean gutters by removing clogged debris and leaves. Also install the proper downspouts. Maintain proper moisture levels in the soil because too much moisture can cause soil erosion.

If You Find Basement and Foundation Problems WCI Can Help

If you have basement and foundation issues, then contact WCI Basement Repair before it is too late. Waiting to repair your foundation will cost you valuable time and money. Look for signs of foundation failure such as:

  • Sloping floors
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Gaps around windows and doors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Misaligned windows and doors
  • Cracks in exterior brickwork
  • Tilting or leaning chimney
  • Shifting or moving foundation
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Sinking and settling foundations

If you notice any of these foundation problems, your home may need foundation repair. Our foundation repair solutions are designed to stabilize, support, and level your foundation back to its original position. In Iowa, WCI Basement Repair uses the following foundation repair products: wall anchors, push piers, helical piers, and underpinning.

For all of your basement problems, we offer basement solutions. During heavy rains, water seeps through small floor cracks, bowing walls, wall cracks, floor and wall joints, over top of the wall, window wells, floor drains, water lines, and tie rods. Over time water intrusion in your basement can cause the following:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Rusty appliances
  • Damaged carpet and furnishings
  • Wood rot
  • Settlement
  • Wall discoloration
  • Soft spots on walls
  • Water seepage

If you notice water intrusion in your basement, we offer quality waterproofing products to keep your home safe and dry. Our system is designed to allow excess water to be driven away from the home’s foundation by reducing the hydrostatic pressure on your walls. Our basement waterproofing solutions include interior drainage, exterior drainage, sump pits, sump pumps, battery back-up pumps, and French drains.

Don’t take action into your own hands, contact WCI today. Our foundation repair and waterproofing products are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in the underpinning and waterproofing industry, so you know you are getting quality products with professional service.

Some of the major cities in Iowa that we provide foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to include Boone, Carroll, Fort Dodge, Sioux City, Storm Lake, Ames, Des Moines, and the surrounding areas.

Contact WCI Basement Repair today for quality service. We will protect your home for many years to come and increase the value of your home. Our team of experts have the expertise and skills to perform the highest level of basement and foundation repair service in Iowa. We are a locally owned company that offers the latest engineering solutions and products with a 25-year warranty. Call today for a free estimate! We are here to serve you.

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