Foundation Repair in Boone, Iowa

Foundation Repair Boone Iowa, Basement Waterproofing Boone IowaWCI Basement Repair is located west of Boone, Iowa, but still takes care of all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs in the Boone area. If you are noticing bowing walls or cracked walls you may need to contact a professional today to repair your home. We are your number one provider for foundation repair in Boone, Iowa.

If you notice water pooling near your foundation you could have settlement issues. Finding the source of the water problem is the first step to fixing your foundation problem. Water can come in through wall cracks and windows. Along with water comes in insects and possible rodents. Don’t wait for it to get worse – call WCI Basement Repair.

We have a variety of solutions to fit your foundation repair needs in Boone, Iowa. We use helical piers, push piers, and helical wall anchors to just to name a few. Your foundation walls may have too much hydrostatic pressure and cause your walls to bow inward. Wall anchors will stop that from happening and help stabilize your structure. Ask us more about our other options or check out their pages to read more on them.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Boone, IA

If you see water pooling in your yard, it is important to check for a wet basement as soon as possible. Come causes of a wet basement may be:

  • Poor Surface Drainage: If the gutters on your home are broken or clogged, or if the downspouts are too short, Basement Waterproofing in Boone, IAthey could dump water right next to your foundation. This water will then pool around the concrete, weakening it and seeping into the basement. If this is the case in your home, it is important to contact a basement waterproofing expert right away for the proper solution.
  • Foundation Cracks and Settlement: If your foundation has cracks in it, water can enter the cracks and cause moisture problems in the basement. That is where drainage systems from WCI Basement Repair come in. Our interior drainage systems can remove water from your basement, while our exterior drainage systems will keep water from seeping inside in the first place.
  • Inadequate Interior/Exterior Drainage: If you have a drainage system, but you still have water problems, it is a sign you are in need of repairs. We can repair your sump pump and interior or exterior waterproofing systems to keep your home moisture free.

Another step to ensure that your basement stays dry is to be sure that your basement is waterproofed. Basement waterproofing is an essential step when you are building a new construction or have an existing home. Make sure you have a free flowing exterior drainage system and a sealed interior drainage system in check. Also be sure to check that your sump pump is up to date and ready for action if it needs to be. If you aren’t sure call WCI Basement Repair and we’ll come take a look.

Call today for a free estimate, before it is too late for your home.

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Foundation Repair Boone Iowa, Basement Waterproofing Boone Iowa