Wet Crawlspace Means No Storage Space

A wet crawlspace can become a big problem to not only the structure of your home, but to the health of everyone living there. Crawlspaces are dark and usually have poor ventilation. With the addition of moisture, it becomes an ideal space for mold to grow. Mold and mildew can cause many health risks to whomever is breathing in this air born fungi. It can cause allergic reactions, respiratory disease, throat irritation, lung disease, and eye irritation. Homeowners are usually unaware of how a wet crawlspace is affecting their health.

Not only can a wet crawlspace cause health issues due to mold growth, but it can cause structural damage to your home. Failure to correct the moisture in your crawlspace will damage the integrity of your home when the wood components begin to rot and expose joists, sill plates, support beams, subfloor, piers, and foundation walls. Any failure or damage to these structural components can cause shifting and movement of the foundation level. This movement may not be noticed until it is significantly affected.

Crawlspaces can be a nice extra place for storage. But with a wet crawlspace, you won’t want to store anything because of the moisture. It would get damaged. Don’t let a wet crawlspace cause your health to become compromised or your home to become damaged. WCI Basement Repair has the solution to your wet crawlspace needs in your Iowa home.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Iowa

WCI Basement Repair can keep your crawlspace dry by using a vapor barrier on the crawlspace walls to prevent water and moisture from permeating through the walls. These encapsulation barriers are 10 to 20 mil thick, puncture resistant and made of high tensile strength material. This vapor barrier stops soil moisture from entering the space and creates a healthier environment.

The crawlspace vapor barriers that WCI Basement Repair uses are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in basement waterproofing products in the industry. These barriers protect  you crawlspace and will even reduce your energy costs. Crawlspace encapsulation provides a clean storage environment by keeping moisture, mold and unwanted pests out. Vapor barriers are a key component to crawlspace waterproofing in your Iowa home.

If your Iowa home has an extremely wet crawlspace with standing water, a drainage system and sump system is installed prior to lining it with a vapor barrier. This will control the water so the crawlspace can be encapsulated without worry of water seeping into the liner.

WCI Basement Repair uses the best products for crawlspace encapsulation made by ECP. The ECP 10-mil and 16-mil thick vapor barriers are thicker than what building codes require and is puncture resistant. Using a thinner vapor barrier can cause punctures, thus losing its effectiveness.

Another step that WCI Basement Repair does for crawlspace waterproofing is sealing vents and dehumidifying the space. Sealing the vents prevents the humid outside air from getting in and creating condensation and promoting mold growth. This creates a more energy efficient home and a healthier home.

Let the professionals at WCI Basement Repair come and take a look at your crawlspace encapsulation needs in your Iowa home and give you a free estimate and answer any questions you have. Don’t let a wet crawlspace become an even bigger issue to the integrity of your home. With WCI Basement Repair professionals, you will be getting the experience, knowledge and skills needed to perform your waterproofing needs in Iowa. We stand behind our work with a 25-year transferable warranty.

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