Add Living Space to Your Iowa Basement with Egress Windows

Egress Windows Are a Necessary Safety Requirement

Safety is the main reason for installing egress windows in your Iowa basement and are also required in order to comply with various building codes and regulations. When egress windows are installed they are usually accompanied by a large well that will aide in evacuation should an emergency occur. Every basement should have at least two escapes, one leading to the upper floor of the home and the second leading directly outside. In case of fire, egress windows provide a safe access to the outside and safety.

Egress Windows are Required by Law

Many local building codes require at least one egress window installed in every basement that is used as an everyday living space. You will always find egress windows in new construction homes and although they were not required in older homes, many homeowners are now installing them when they are finishing the basement space. And if your newly renovated basement will have a bedroom, the installation of an egress window is required.

Benefits of Egress Windows

Aside from the safety benefits of egress windows, they also allow sunlight to enter a once dark basement space. Many egress window wells also include tiers/shelves to allow for plants, adding beauty to your basement.
When you are considering a home renovation, by meeting a few building codes for a finished basement, you can double your living space in an affordable way with egress windows.
Other benefits include:

  • Seamless design that seals out moisture that will never deteriorate
  • Maintenance-free and attractive finished look
  • Installation meets code requirements for basement bedrooms and general basement living

Egress Windows and Energy Efficiency

You may be concerned that having a large egress window within the foundation of your home could pose some energy efficiency issues. Fortunately, for most models, the opposite is true. Multi-paned models provide almost the same efficiency that a normal paned window can provide. Proper installation is key to ensure the window’s performance is acceptable. Many models are available with argon or krypton gas between the panes to act as an insulator. Those gases keep the windows from losing cold or hot air. And different glazes can prevent excessive UV rays from entering the home.

Code Requirements

While local regulations vary, a visit to your local codes admin office should be the first thing on your list when considering a basement renovation. Egress compliance codes in Iowa states that not all basement rooms need a legal sized egress window, but no basement bedrooms will be allowed without at least one. You should expect a window with an opening of approximately 6 sq.ft. Some codes include the glass area and others do not, once again it is very important to check on local codes before a purchase and install of an egress window to avoid code violations.

Brighten-Up with Egress Windows

Adding egress windows to your basement is a smart decision. Not only for added safety, but to transform your basement living space into a comfortable, bright space, flooded with natural light. No more dark shadowy basement. Your basement will now be as comfortable as the rest of your Iowa home.

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