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Sloped Floor Repair Iowa

Sloped Floor Repair Iowa Have you ever set a marble on your floor and watched it roll away from you, picking up speed as it goes? Do you think your eyes are playing tricks at you when you take a look at your floors because they seems uneven? If so, you may have a problem […]

Sump Pump Repair Iowa

Sump Pump Repair Iowa It’s that time of year again! The birds are back, the grass is green, the weather is getting warmer and spring cleaning is essential! During springtime, heavy rainfalls are inevitable. Your foundation and home need proper waterproofing to prevent water damage. Water can get into your basement and damage everything in […]

Leaky Basement Iowa

Leaky Basement Iowa Our basements may hold lots of important items for us. Whether its a “man cave,” stored home decorations, or memories in the form of photos, we don’t want water to take a toll on them. A leaky basement in Iowa can not only harm your personal items, but your homes foundation as well. […]

Cracks in foundation Iowa

Cracks in foundation Iowa Cracks in your walls and floors are not an unusual sight. While you may overlook them at first, they can cause pressing issues down the road. What starts as a small crack can grow overtime to cause foundation issues and water leakage. Don’t worry, though. There are precautions you can take […]

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation  Crawl space moisture is a problem for many homes in Iowa. This results because of poor moisture management in your crawl space. If you discover any of the following in your crawl space, you may need to take action in the form of crawl space encapsulation Iowa: Mold or moisture damage in […]

Wet Basement Solutions

Wet Basement Solutions Wet basement solutions and basement waterproofing is a service that is offered by WCI Basement Repair. Water entering through your basement’s foundation is the leading cause for basement waterproofing services being needed. Your home is probably your biggest investment, so protecting it is very important. If you are noticing that you are […]

Keep your basement dry after the snow melts!

Basement Leak Repair Iowa With nearly 3 months of winter and larger snow amounts we still face severe drought in Iowa, but if we continue to see large amounts of rain and snow in Iowa we could face basement flooding. In the cities sometimes the water can’t drain or soak into the ground as fast […]