Basement Leak Repair Iowa

With nearly 3 months of winter and larger snow amounts we still face severe drought in Iowa, but if we continue to see large amounts of rain and snow in Iowa we could face basement flooding. In the cities sometimes the water can’t drain or soak into the ground as fast as it needs to. Many homeowners in Iowa will be focusing on basement flooding problems instead of foundation repair if the moisture continues. WCI is your basement leak repair Iowa service provider. Basement leak repair in Iowa is our specially. We can repair your basement wall leak in Iowa with the great use of our equipment and high standard of ECP products.

So how can I help stop my basement from leaking?

One thing we know for sure is that with the spring thaw coming up residential houses and commercial businesses are in for some problems. Last summer’s drought in Iowa made and left deep cracks in the soil. This will allow water to get closer to your home’s foundation this spring in Iowa.

We recommend making your downspouts go out ten feet away from your home and make sure your sump pump discharge is also ten feet away from your home. This will insure that what won’t pool next to your foundation and cause basement wall leaks. Also be sure to check your gutters. You don’t want clogged gutters when there is a heavy downpour. Get rid of any ice clocks you may have in the gutter that would cause rain not to drain properly. It’s best to do this before the April showers arrive.

We are your basement leak repair Iowa and basement wall leak Iowa service providers. Call today to schedule an estimate! WCI Basement Repair is your leading basement waterproofing provider in the Western Iowa area.

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