Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Perry, Iowa

Perry, Iowa runs along the North Raccoon River. With a population just under 8,000 and a river that close to town flooded is a major possibility for the residential and commercial area. You then may wonder if your home is secure and waterproofed for potential flooding in the area. WCI can come to your home and evaluate your house to see what the best waterproofing solution fits your current situation. We are your foundation repair Perry, Iowa and basement waterproofing Perry, Iowa service providers.

We offer exterior drainage solutions and interior drainage solutions. With interior drainage solutions, we can install sump pumps, sump pits, battery back-ups, and footing drainage systems. For Exterior drainage systems we offer waterproofing barriers for your home and ensure that you have a proper system that runs well in case of heavy downpours or flooding.

Always be sure that water is draining away from your home and is not coming back towards your home. Also, check your rain gutters. Having clogged rain gutters can damage your foundation walls and flood your basement because of the pooling water that will appear near your foundation walls if your gutters are overflowing.

Foundation Repair Methods in Perry, IA

Foundation problems can arise for many different reasons. One of the reasons is the soil. Soil can expand and shrink when different seasons come and go. This can, in turn, shift your foundation causing foundation wall cracks and bowing walls. Another reason is that when your home was originally built the builders did not properly compact the soil beneath your home causing your home’s foundation to settle and lean to one side.

To solve your foundation problems we offer high-quality ECP products such as wall anchors, push piers, and helical piers. Helical piers will lift your home back to its original position when it was first built by driving piers deep down under the soil into bedrock and attach to your home’s footing and foundation securing your home. This is a permanent solution that will stop your foundation from ever moving or cracking again.

To learn more about our foundation solutions visit our foundation repair page. Some of our other services include crawl space recovery and egress windows. Our crawl space recovery systems will seize your moisture problems under your home and give your home better air quality. With our egress window installation in Perry, Iowa we can give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety in your basement bedrooms. Our egress windows offer safety ladders inside the egress window area to allow even the littlest of kids to escape through an egress window with ease in case of a fire.

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