Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Rockwell City, Iowa

Rockwell City, Iowa was founded by Mr. Rockwell himself. The town started as the county seed for Calhoun County and was doubled in size when the railroad came to town in 1880. With the city’s population of around 1,700 people, there are houses still erect from that time period there. Over time, a home’s foundation tends to lean to one side or collapse. There is no need to tear down a historical house. Keep the beauty and repair it. WCI Basement repair can repair any foundation repair or basement waterproofing problem whether your home was build in the 1800s or is brand new. WCI Basement Repair is the leading service provider for foundation repair in Iowa.

We use high-quality ECP products for all of our work and projects guaranteeing you the best finish. We can lift your home to its original position using ECP helical piers and push piers. We can also use underpinning and wall anchors to support your cracked, slab floor or bowing walls.

Wall cracks are a sign of foundation repair and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Wall cracks can be a simple fix or a sign of a larger problem. To find out which one it is it’s best to seek out a professional at WCI to take a look and find the right solution. This will save you money in the future by repairing it now before it becomes a larger problem. To find out more about foundation repair check out our foundation repair page on our website. 

“We got your name from our Realtor. Your office staff was Awesome! Scott was very knowledgeable. We liked that you were local. The installation crew was Awesome! The clean-up was Very Good – Excellent!”

Rockwell City, IA

Basement Waterproofing in Rockwell City, IA

Basement Waterproofing Rockwell City, IowaBasement waterproofing is another important step to take when building a new house or waterproofing an existing house. Installing a French drain on an older house can waterproof your basement by extracting the water near your foundation through a drain pipe away from your home instead of letting water pool near your foundation causing the water to seep in through the walls.

Also, be sure your sump pump is in great working order. We can install and repair sump pumps and sump pits. Making sure you have a sealed drainage system is essential to water management. We can install a drainage system under your basement slab floor around the perimeter of your home. The water will then drain into your sump pump and your sump pump will push out the water through a drain pipe leading outside and out away from your home’s foundation.

Another tip is to be sure that your gutters are cleared from debris. You don’t want the overflow of water pooling near your home’s foundation. A wet basement can cause mold and mildew if not properly cared for. Contact WCI by email, online contact form or by phone today to schedule an appointment. We are your basement waterproofing Rockwell City Iowa service providers.

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“We visited your booth at the Fort Dodge Home Show. We were impressed with your knowledge and honesty. Your price was one of the reasons we chose to go with your company for our foundation repair. But just as important was the fact that you are a “local” company and we really valued your honesty. Brian and his crew were very hard workers, pleasant and patient with the “audience” here. They did a good job cleaning up. We especially appreciated that they stayed late to finish up on the second day so we could get our air conditioning unit hooked back up asap. We will definitely spread the word about your good work.”

Jeff & Tessa
Rockwell City, IA